Thursday, February 07, 2013

Cops in gun-free England getting ambushed, shot, bombed with grenades: Piers Morgan unavailable for comment

Looks like Piers Morgan is right: there's no gun-crime in England:

A fugitive lured police officers to him before shooting them repeatedly and then throwing a grenade at his victims, a court has heard... Dale Cregan, 29, had evaded a nationwide manhunt when he set the trap, Preston Crown Court heard.

Mr Cregan denies killing PCs Nicola Hughes, 23, and Fiona Bone, 32, in Hattersley, Greater Manchester last September. He also denies the murders of David Short, 46, and his son, Mark, 23... Mr Cregan appeared in court wearing a false left eye made of black onyx.

Mr Nicholas Clarke QC, prosecuting, said PCs Hughes and Bone were killed as they responded to a report of a burglary on the morning of 18 September.

Mr Clarke said: "[Cregan] lay in wait with a Glock firearm with an extended magazine that was fully loaded.

"PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes attended. As soon as they arrived Cregan, who was on the run, shot the officers repeatedly, until his magazine was empty.

"As he left the scene he again threw a grenade towards the victims."

The ludicrous, clownish hack Piers Morgan hardest hit.

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Anonymous said...

I thought guns with extended magazines and working hand grenades were illegal?

So I guess you mean that this thug does not obey the law?

I know, lets just dis arm America because if there are no guns then criminals will be forced to obey the laws? Right?