Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Search engine spins audience reaction to boost Obama's farcical State of the Union speech

Bias? What bias?

Sometimes in school exams are graded on a curve so that students who should've failed don't.

Well, Bing graded Obama on a HUGE curve. Below is the partisan breakdown, but they did it on gender, and probably everything.

See the original raw data chart here, and the full infographic from Bing here.

Worse news? It may not just be Microsoft's Bing search engine.

RedState has labeled Google "The Democrats' Private Intelligence Agency".

But I'm not ready to buy into that assertion. If Google ever got caught using personal data to deliver proprietary election data to Democrats, it would raise a hellstorm of biblical proportions. And Google just seems too smart to engage in that sort of skulduggery.


Anonymous said...

"A hellstorm of biblical proportions"? I think not. They are the keepers of outrage, and they will decide what is worth a second mention. That is how a woman protesting Augusta National's admission policy several years back garnered 10x the ink that a dead Border Patrol officer got.

Clayusmcret said...

Yeah, I was looking at their totals and it didn't make sense.Even with a bottoming out -76 on gun control, their overall stat indicated he had a positive score regardless of party affiliation.

The MUSEman said...

The two charts are identical, but the Bing chart uses a finer scale and removes "zero" line, forcing the reader to (mistakenly) believe "zero" is halfway between Positive and Negative.

Misleading? Certainly! Bias? Only if Bing did this willfully (and, I would err on the side of "yes")

Remember, it's not accuracy, integrity, balance, or completeness: It's "mindshare"! ;-)