Thursday, February 21, 2013

Obama says that he can't cut spending by 2%, but just hiked payroll taxes on every American by more than that in January.

It would seem that the federal government can't diet by even 2 percent, but the president just hiked payroll taxes on every American -- the poor, the rich and the middle class -- by that exact amount in January. With new Obamacare taxes (on medical devices, capital gains, and higher health care premiums), the average American has had to tighten their belt by far more than 2 percent.

And what is the president's first priority to cut if the dreaded two percent "sequester" hits?

Barack Obama, who says he cares deeply about jobs, has now caused 800,000 civilian workers for the Pentagon to face as many as 22 days off without pay as a result of sequestration cuts.

That's correct: Obama's first tendency when it comes to cutting government is Defense. Not HUD. Not the EPA. Not the Department of Education or the Interior or the myraid of other paper-pushing agencies. He goes right after the Defense Department.

According to Roll Call, Obama's executive branch wastes more than "$400 billion to $450 billion [which is] lost in improper payments plus duplication".

It's actually more than that if you account for fraud and crime.

But, no, the Defense Department is Obama's target. Not the hundreds of billions in waste, fraud and duplicate spending in the federal government.

His ostensible Defense Secretary, the brilliant Chuck Hagel, wants to unilaterally disarm the United States while China, Russia, and terror states build their atomic arsenals.

And Obama gives -- not sells, gives -- F-16 fighters to the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egyptian government. Which happens to be the same government that just today refused the U.S. access to a suspect in slaying of a U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi.

Historian Trevor Loudon was right all along: Barack Obama's true goal is to disarm America, to bring it to its knees on the global stage, and to see it humbled.

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