Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Who’s To Blame For The Sequester? Washington Is!

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Who’s To Blame For The Sequester? Washington Is!: Landry
Sequestration: a crisis so awful the President won't do anything about it: Events
Surprise: Chuck Schumer Lied: Nice Deb

Democrats Plan to Pay Second Amendment Protesters Gets Shot Down: MenRec
They will never get our guns: BadEagle
Texas ‘Cruz Missile’ — Senator standing by his principles: Cowboy

Subjects, Citizens, Guns and The Sequester: RS
Chris Christie takes his Obama man-love to the next level: WyBlog
Rahm's Ratings Tank: Second City Cop


“The Non-Existent Spending Cuts Wrought By The ‘Devastating’ Sequester”: ProWis
Why won’t this administration look at this revenue source?: Q&O
Cut the Lego Purchases First, Mr. President: Geraghty

White House: Sequestration Will Hurt Department That No Longer Exists: Reason
Yes, they really are coming for your 401(k)s: MagNote
'Dignity Mortgages': Welfare By Another Name: IBD

Scandal Central

Menendez Feels “Sting of Discrimination” as Long-time US Escort Acuses Him of Lying: Nice Deb
Congressman @SteveStockmanUS Exposes Obama’s Anti-Gun Spambots: RSM
The Looming WARN Revolt: Black & Right

Obama Caught Using Fake Twitter Bots to Push Gun Control: PJM
If Only CNN had the resources that the Daily Caller Does...: DTG
Jay Carney Struggles To Deny $500,000 OFA Donation Gets You Access To The President: BuzzFeed

Climate & Energy

Report: Chevy Volt Battery Supplier Wasted Millions in Stimulus Funds: Breitbart
Challenge to EPA's 'Cap-and-Trade Tax' Going to Supreme Court: NewsMax
EPA's Fuel Folly: Politico


Shepherds and Sheep: RWN
Terrorism Without End: FPM
David Cameron Bans Obama From Bringing Michelle to G8: GWP

WaPo Ombudsman Confirms Post’s Liberal Bias: AIM
How liberals fell in love with the imperial presidency (again).: Beast
The Onion Apologizes For ‘Crude And Offensive’ Tweet About 9-Year-Old Oscar Nominee: Mediaite

Washington Post Showing Bias and Idiocy in One Blithering Editorial: LibertyZone
Zany New York Democrat Wears Blackface, Afro Wig at Party: Can't Imagine Anyone Taking Offense: JWF
Sub-Plot Of Revisionist 'Argo': Rescuing Jimmy Carter: IBD

Dan Bongino debates Maryland gun control advocate on local news show: Scoop
"Loud Groans" Heard in Oscars Media Room When Michelle Obama Announced As Surprise Presenter: Breitbart
Chris Matthews Offers To Help Hillary’s 2016 Campaign: ‘We’ll Get You In There’: Aces


Guns Banned In Phillipines Ahead Of May Elections, But Criminals Didn't Receive The Memo: Cove
Muslims in Oxford accused of raping 12-year old whom they considered "property": TAB
Jihad -- or Criminality?: Pipes

Chuck Hagel blasted in full-page ad in Wall Street Journal and the Hill: Matzav
Farrakhan Recruiting Chicago Gang Members To Serve As Soldiers For The Nation Of Islam: WZ
Jimmy Carter: Obama ‘ran across the room’ to thank my grandson for finding the ’47 percent’ video: Malkin

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue.com/Tech)

No, Iran didn't really hack and down a foreign military spy drone: Sophos
Move Over, APTs -- The RAM-Based Advanced Volatile Threat Is Spinning Up Fast: Dark Reading
Why Your Smartphone Will Be Your Next PC: Techland


A Review Of “A Failure Of Civility”: Bracken
Arizona Blogger Adventures: Ericka
Environmentalism and Human Sacrifice: RWN

Image: Dan Bongino debates Maryland gun control advocate on local news show
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