Saturday, February 16, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: State of the Union Blues

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State of the Union Blues: JPA
Ben Carson: America's Doctor: AmSpec
Where’s Chrispy Creme Christie as NJ Buries 2nd Amendment?: AmmoLand

Obama: 'The Problem Is ... I’m Not the Emperor of the United States' : WS
“…but the Founder’s couldn’t have imagined more than muskets.”: Owens
Democrats Move to Ban Ammunition in Wisconsin: GWP

Key Democrats Turn on Obamacare: Mead
1 Billion Rising San Francisco: Zombie
4 Shootings in Chicago Just Minutes After Obama Leaves for Vacation: Politico


Rand Paul Crushes Obama’s Claim That He Cut $2 Trillion From Deficit: GWP
Mayor Bloomterd Calling for Styrofoam Ban: LoneCon
High U.S. Income Tax Has Boxing Superstar Pacquiao on the Ropes: ATR

$1000/Hr: Obama Flies in World's Top Golf Pro: Breitbart
Michelle Vacationing Separately From President Obama: Dossier
Supply Chain Management 101: on the ammo shortage: Cunningham (2009)

Scandal Central

Report: HHS to cut off enrollment for health law's high-risk pools: Hill
Millions scamming system to receive free ‘Obamaphones’ — and you’re paying for it: RedAlert
Federal charges filed against Jesse Jackson Jr., wife: Trib

Climate & Energy

Federally Funded Chevy Volt Battery Plant Paid Workers to Play, Not Make Batteries: Wired
Global Warming Consensus Looking More Like A Myth: IBD
Will Obama Trade A Carbon Tax For Keystone XL?: IBD


Another day, another double-standard for the two-bit hacks at Politico: Rhymes
Collective Identity: Huffman
I want my cheese: Dilbert

Bill Maher: 'The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government': NB
Coolest Cal: NRO
New Forensic Analysis Makes Damning Conclusions For George Zimmerman: Strata

Obama Tells Chicagoans to Further Disarm Since He Knows What It’s Like To Grow Up On The Mean Streets: Cove
Dear Republican Leadership, People don’t want ‘cool conservatism’, they want the damn truth!: Scoop
Iowa governor tells Rove: ‘Stay out of it’: WaPo


Account of 2007 Speech Prompts Letter from Senators to Hagel: Beacon
Bear Bombers Over Guam: Russian nuclear bombers circle Guam: Beacon
Tunguska 2 Averted by a Fraction of a Second: Ace (also: Meteorite in Russia: all videos in one place)

Jihadists and Latin American drug traffickers merge: Borderland Beat
Russians Push Reset Button... Circle Guam With Bombers: Events
CIA finds 7 new Bin Laden photos, still won't release them: Breitbart

Sci-Tech (courtesy

‘Trillions of Carats’ of Diamonds Found Under Russian Asteroid Crater: Bruce
Google rated best place to intern in 2013: TechCrunch
Russian Meteor Is Largest Since 1908 Siberian Blast, NASA Says: Bloomberg


Budget cuts lead to creation of clean, sail-powered US Navy: Cube
Researcher Claims to Have Shot and Killed a Sasquatch: AmmoLand
President Harrison J. Bounel: Personal Liberty

Image: Meteorite in Russia: all videos in one place
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Day of Resistance: 23-Feb Nationwide Rallies Against Obama Agenda

QOTD: "Today we care about budgets more than anything. Our American future hangs on the ability of government to cut budget.

[Calvin] Coolidge cut the budget, and even better, cut it during peace and prosperity. He left a federal budget lower than the one that greeted him when he arrived in office. He managed to freeze or cut the budget over more than five years in office. If you look at charts of presidents — Nixon, Ike, and Reagan — you see them failing on this score.

What else is cool? Coolidge was a pragmatist. He didn’t start out with a tax theory. But he observed over time that lower tax rates sometimes brought in extra revenue. The success of his and Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon’s experiment with rate cuts has been obscured by our modern history books. But that success was real, and it was fun to get close to it." --Amity Shlaes

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