Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The White House Court Jesters of Sequester

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The White House Court Jesters of Sequester: Malkin
Mark Levin: These are very, very dark times for this country: Scoop
SkyFall: Now Playing Everywhere Across America: Dewey

Chuck Hagel — a litmus test for Republican weakness and stupidity: Bookworm
Farrakhan: Hagel and I are brothers from another mother: WS
Betrayal: Names of Republican Traitors on Hagel Vote: Atlas

Kentucky Senate Passes Gun Nullification Legislation: Cove
Muslims recruiting black youth in poorest DC neighborhoods: Creeping
Man Charged for Following Shotgun Joe Biden's Advice: WAVY


Illinois Can’t Even Afford to Pay Lottery Winners: RWN
Sen. Ron Johnson: If Boehner Caves on Taxes, He's Lose Speakership: Reaganite
DeMint: Obama Tax Hikes Will Do More Harm Than Sequester: Foundry

Abolish the Department of Education: AmSpec
Another Democrat success story: half of Detroit properties haven't paid taxes: Mish
Coin Toss May Decide New Appeals of NLRB Decisions: Forbes

Scandal Central

Obama Releases ‘Waves’ of Illegal Aliens From Holding Centers: JWF
Grassley: Homeland Security may be monopolizing ammo market: SecInfoWatch
Fake Twitter Accounts? Obama’s Political Group Pushes Gun Control: Foundry


How Obama Wins: Shapiro
Scare-questor - the 2 Percent Solution: BYOB: MOTUS

The Evolution of Liberal Dance: Ace
Trainwreck: Keith Ellison wages verbal Jihad against Sean Hannity on his show: Scoop
The Curious Case of Keith “Crybaby” Ellison, CAIR and the Nation of Islam’s Man in Congress: NewsReal


Bangladesh's Secular Democracy Struggles with Violent Radical Islam: Cutting Edge
Obama’s Release of Thousands of Illegal Immigrants- Shades of Castro’s Mariel Boatlift: Shark Tank
On The Joke That Is The "Efficient" Italian Market: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Chinese hackers: Professional cyberspies?: ArmyTimes
Ditch your laptop for under $100 with Dell Project Ophelia: CNet
Olive Oil Diet Curbs Strokes: WSJ


Missed Connections: American Digest
Celebrity Guess-Off: C&S
My Rape Whistle is a Glock: AWD

Image: BarkingCrayon

QOTD: "List of Shame: Republicans Who Voted to Confirm Plainly-Unqualified Man to Lead the Defense Department... Remember them, and call them out as liars when they claimed they voted "against" Hagel. They did not.


Now that's the list of people who voted "Yes" on cloture (guaranteeing Hagel's confirmation) but then cast a covering, false vote on the nomination itself (a meaningless gesture made for political purposes).

Interestingly, some people voted the other way around -- voting "No" on cloture but then "Yes" on the nomination itself.

Among them? Rand Paul, who's attempting to both be a Mainstream Conservative and also play to his father's supporters with their, um... views on Israel." --Ace

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