Friday, February 15, 2013

Remember when "speaking truth to power" was celebrated on the left?

Those days are long gone.

PoliSci Students Forbidden From Using Fox News as a Source

Students in a political science class at West Liberty University were given an assignment recently to keep a “politics journal” in which they would record their reactions to various articles they had selected.

Not Rachel Maddow
The instructor at the West Virginia public institution included some possible news sources, such as The Economist, BBC, CNN and The Huffington Post...

But the instructor also specified that two sources could not be used. One was The Onion, which the assignment notes “is not news” and “is literally a parody.”

The other: Fox News, the only major media source of information that does not lean aggressively to the left. With the jarring hypocrisy that distinguishes liberals from those who suffer from less severe psychiatric maladies, instructor Stephanie Wolfe justified her ban by declaring that FNC makes her “cringe” because it is “biased.”

Anita Dunn Says Fox News’ “Alternative Universe” Is Crumbling

...former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn said that the departure of Dick Morris and Sarah Palin from Fox News signals that the network’s “alternative universe” is crumbling.

Dunn created a controversy in 2009 when she told Time magazine that Fox News is “opinion journalism masquerading as news,” and followed that up on CNN by saying that the network “often operates as the research arm of the Republican Party.”

I think what you’re seeing now with Fox is that the alternative Fox universe that they created for four years is crumbling, and Roger Ailes who is nothing if not an excellent television person and very smart executive, is realizing that the creationism of the past has to end, and so you see the Fox evolution.

Dunn and the liberal media have jumped on the fact that Fox hit a 12–year ratings low in January as evidence that Fox is now in decline, despite the fact that it still finished as the number one cable news network with more than twice the total audience of second place MSNBC... In addition, Fox had the top 11 cable news programs in 2012, not exactly a sign of a network on the verge of crumbling, as Dunn claimed.

After Fox News hires Herman Cain, vile libs cry ‘Uncle Tom,’ ‘house n***er’

The outspoken conservative and former presidential hopeful has joined Fox News as a contributor, and right on cue, hateful lefties are attacking him for thinking for himself and not toeing their preferred racial line...

Executive Summary: a Marxist professor, a Maoist, and a bunch of racists despise Fox News for gently opposing Statism. For resisting the inevitable expansion of centralized government. For praising individual liberty.

The Obama Agenda is a failure. It was a failure in February of 2009, it is a failure now, and it will have failed in 2016.

That Fox News occasionally reminds us of Obama's abysmal performance pisses off progressives to no end. Which is why you should watch it whenever you can. Yes, it's imperfect -- but it's the best we've got.

Just try to imagine life without it. It would be like North Korean television, 24 by 7.

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