Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who needs the Keystone pipeline? Americans are only paying the highest portion of their paychecks for gas in 30 years!

ETF Daily News reports:

...if you exclude the 2008 spike in oil prices (to be fair, seemingly a unique anomaly and unsustained), Americans are paying the highest portion of paychecks toward gasoline prices in the past 3 decades. 30 years.

But Democrats are for the little guy!

Hat tip: BadBlue Money.

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Anonymous said...

my husband is a commercial-construction superintendent in the texas metroplex, sometimes having
as many as five jobs going at once,
all over the place, so you're preaching to the choir, here, about
gas prices. my question is this:
is it true that 2/3 of oil refined
in texas (and, i believe two refineries are in tax-free zones?),
is made into diesel fuel because the
profit margin is higher...and also
that the diesel is then shipped to asian markets because diesel is the fuel of choice, there?