Friday, February 08, 2013

HILARITY: IRS complains it needs more employees because tax code is getting "more complex and far reaching"

If this isn't an advertisement for the Fair Tax, I don't know what is.

It is alway reassuring to see the IRS complaining that the tax codes are getting more difficult for them to deal with. From Federal News Radio:

"In addition to facing budget cuts and the potential retirement of many experienced employees, the work performed by IRS employees continually requires greater expertise as tax laws become more complex and far reaching," [Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration] said.

When the United States implements a flat tax (and notice I said "when", not "if", because the current system is doomed), it will unleash the greatest era of economic prosperity in human history.

Read about the Fair Tax -- seriously, it's fascinating -- and I'd wager you agree.


K-Bob said...

Irony. Once in a while it burns.

I guess that would be oxidation.

Which explains the flaking and pits in our economy.

(Hey, Doug, go read Jeffrey Lord's article at AmSpec on Cotton Conservatives. There's a term that ought to stick.)

Doom said...

I have been for some form of flat tax since I first encountered the notion. I am definitely not for the fair tax thing. I see it as just an additional tax, I do not believe, if implemented, that income tax would go away... and if it was exchanged and ended through some miracle not believable with this current crop of corruptocrats, it wouldn creep back either immediately or with the next crop of corruptocrats.

Make it a flat tax, no exclusions including for the "poor". That would mean everyone who was voting would be losing every time they voted for a candidate who promised more spending. Nothing else will work, imho.

Then again, both are just pipedreams... so, there is that.

freelancer said...

Just how hard would it be to unplex or deplex the tax system now in place in the US? Who does not know that it is complicated for good reason? Every level of dishonesty is employed to keep this corrupt govt afloat. Hillary Clinton and her associates are a major cause and beneficiary of the increasing need to feed their royal tastes and superior attitudes with OPM--other peoples money. The shifting sand beneath this socialist mansion of debt will eventually destroy our Republic. Hillary and friends know and intend for this to be the outcome. No relief any time soon. Urgent call for a George Washington leader---better late than never.