Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: GOP control freak Karl Rove launches new effort to snuff out Tea Party

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GOP control freak Rove launches new effort to snuff out Tea Party: Malkin
Svitlana Buchyk: Mystery Woman in Menendez HookerGate Scandal: RSM
Rand Paul sets his Dad straight on insane Chris Kyle tweet: H&H

The GOP must reject Karl Rove and his divisive tactics: Kuznicki
The Snakes in the GOP Grass: RS
Trust: More guns are being sold in US now than at any point in history: PJM

Gun Control Details in the Senate: Pagun
Are Internal Passports Next?: OG&M
Why I Am Against Background Checks for Weapons: P&F


Government Waste: Just the Tip of Massive Fed Spending Iceberg: Foundry
Obama Misses Legal Deadline To Submit A Budget: WZ
Low Rates Force Companies To Pour Cash Into Pensions: WSJ

Dodd-Frank Creates a Bizarro World Of Housing Finance: RCM
America's creeping new normalcy: Peth
The Health Benefits of Marriage: Foundry

Scandal Central

Judge Rules in Favor of ICE Agents Suing Obama: AIM
HookerGate: Miami Herald Confirms Elements of Menendez Prostitute Story: RSM
Emails Expose Collusion at Highest Levels between Department of Justice and Communist SPLC: Atlas

Going to Court in the Allen West Contest: Adams
Menendez Scandal: The Mysterious Woman on Dr. Melgen’s Plane. . .: ViralRead
Dominican Prostitute in Menendez Scandal Says They Were ‘Very Mistreated’: RSM

Climate & Energy

Documents: Worries about outage before Super Bowl: AP


'Something...Horribly Wrong' : Camp o' the Saints
Disgusting: Ron Paul attacks murder victim, war hero Chris Kyle: Twitchy
Fran Tarkenton: Mickelson Was Right About Taxes: Instapundit

Ex-Convict/Obama Supporter: Demoralize Conservatives Using Progressive "Echo Chamber": Ace
Pic: Ravens fans celebrate Super Bowl win by car tipping and looting a Baltimore 7-11: Twitchy
Mark Kelly: I Don't Know if First Assault Weapons Ban Worked: Breitbart


“Are ObamaLeaks an impeachable offense?”: Wisdom
Texas Middle School Students Being Asked To Design Flags For A New Socialist Nation": WZ
Energy Department networks hit by sophisticated cyber attack: Beacon

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue.com/Tech)

England's King Richard III found after 500 years: Reuters
2013 Superbowl Ads Favor URLs, Hashtags –Not Facebook: Web-Strategist
The Sounds Your Dial-Up Modem Used to Make, Visualized: Gizmodo


My 20 Favorite Tweets For Jan, 2013: RWN
Obama Failed E-Verify: Western
Cops Say Road Rage Incident Was Prompted By Suspect's "Impeach Obama" Bumper Sticker: TSG

Image: Photos and Videos of One of the Menendez-Melgen Girls (NSFW)
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: NRA Stand and Fight

QOTD: "Chicago with gun control has more murder than Chicago without gun control in Al Capone's day." --@Hale_Razor (via Jim Geraghty)

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