Saturday, February 02, 2013

President Obama's Busy Day

Brad emailed us this graphic:

And notes, "Here is a picture from the AP of Obama on Aug 4th - look at the watch."

"Look at the watch he is wearing in the shooting pic... how many people change watches during the day from a golfing watch to a shooting watch?"

Verrry interesting.


Johan Galt said...

He wasn't wearing his skeet shooting watch in the morning.

You can use that Jivin Jay Carny Barker.

hiswiserangel said...

And from golfing khakis to mom jeans.

Anonymous said...

And isn't his allah ring missing in the supposed shooting picture - or am I just going blind?

thebronze said...

Fake as fuck.

Chunkdog1 said...

According to the metadata from that image, it was taken at 7:19pm.

I'm not a skeet shooter, but doesn't it seem like dusk is not a really good time to shoot skeet?

It's the end of summer and starts to get dark a little early.

He must have super-vision.

chunkdog1 said...

And it was partly cloudy that day, at that time, which would have made it even darker.

Joe Kidd said...

This is still the most vile Obama “photo-op” ever

Note: In light of the “skeet-shooting Obama” image the White House created/released, I renamed this post. It was written before the election and previously posted under the title “My open letter to Americans who are still thinking of voting for Obama in November”. After reading it, I think you’ll understand my decision to rename it. Please share if you agree. [] Thank you in advance.