Friday, February 08, 2013

THE ULTIMATE BENGHAZI TIMELINE: What was Barack Obama doing for 8 hours?

During his testimony yesterday before the House Armed Services Committee, Leon Panetta as much as admitted that Barack Obama lied to reporter Kyle Clark of KUSA-TV about the attack on the Libyan Consulate.

Thanks to Panetta's testimony, we now know that President Obama was told immediately of the attack and responded by doing... nothing. He didn't lift a finger to help. Nor did the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

He knew that Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans were about to be slaughtered and -- for eight hours, highlighted below -- he didn't call, he didn't inquire, he didn't command, he did nothing!

Sen. Lindsey Graham says that he is "not going to stop [investigating] until the American people know what their commander-in-chief did for eight hours."

The president of the United States talking to the secretary of defense for 15 minutes, never talked to the secretary of state until after the attack was over, never made a phone call saying how close are we to help these people?

...Where is Chris Stevens? What did he do when he was told the ambassador was missing? We’ve had one ambassador killed in the last 30 years? The president of the United States has to account for his leadership here and I intend to hold him accountable. Thus far the White House has delayed, denied, deceived and stonewalled and this has to come to an end...

The secretary of State never once talked to the secretary of Defense. The president of the United States never made one phone call to find out how this operation was going?

Well, Mr. President, what did you do for eight hours? Who did you talk to? What kind of leadership did you exhibit? They made two movies about the Bin Laden raid... but you’ve had no accounting for the Benghazi attack and you’re going to have an accounting. I’m not going to stop until the American people know what their commander-in-chief did for eight hours and thus far, all we know is he had a 15 minute conversation.

This is a cover-up. This scandal is 1000 times worse than Watergate.

Call John Boehner now and demand a full investigation. Be polite, but firm. We want every single person related to the president's dereliction of duty subpoenaed. Every. Single. One.


Rebecca Randolph said...

General Ham decided to step down after spending the same amount of time as head of AFRICOM that they all usually spend at the command centers (there are 6 of them). The Admiral you mentioned was stationed on the USS John C Stennis stationed in Washington. That's where the ship was on 9/11/2012. It was nowhere near Benghazi. He was relieved of his command due to an alcohol-related incident involving other guys on the ship while it was in an overseas port on deployment. Also, the ships that would be in that region are from the Atlantic Coast Fleet or the 5th Fleet in Bahrain, not the Pacific Coast.

Anonymous said...


Joseph said...

Remember Hillary's "3am" commercial? Well when the call came in, Obama hit the snooze button and went back to sleep. Then the Campaigner-in-Chief went to Las Vegas for campaigning and fundraisers.

gwynn romano said...

Either there is a much larger scandal here and that by removing Obama from having any part in this debacle, the administration hopes to shield Dear Leader, or he was having a sleepover with one of his male friends. Was Moochelle in town when this happened ?

Joe Kidd said...

What was Barack Obama doing for 8 hours?!?
Watching them die.


People forget -- Obama LIKES watching people die.