Friday, November 20, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: ACORN L.A.'s Program for Tortured Teens

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ACORN L.A.'s Program for Tortured Teens: BigGov
American Buffoon: Spectator
Princeton, Columbia cancel free speech: PJM

Breitbart to Holder: Investigate ACORN or else: BigGov
Dems to deliberate 10 hours before nationalizing health care: GWP
Marriage vs. the Obama/Pelosi Nanny State: AT

Obama's Expatriate Years: AT (Lifson)
Waxman admits current health bill a ploy: Riehl
What about the 255 million?: LegalIns


Three examples of government-induced failure: PJM (Blumer)
UCLA students protest tuition hikes as Cali begins to fold: Breitbart
Married couples face extra tax in Senate health care bill: Times

$1 Million per Stimulus Job: Bombs & Dollars
Granholm gives SEIU $3M while braying for new taxes: BlogProf
$100 Million is Landrieu's Going Price?: SIGIS

TARP audit finds Geithner gave away the farm: CBS
Surprise: Now Pap Tests Should Be Delayed, Too!: TAB
Blue State Boom Times: Pontiac Silverdome goes for $583K: BlogProf


LAT columnist beclowns himself with style: Patterico
Andrew Sullivan's Palin-Induced Psychosis: AmPower
Sis Goes to a Sarah Palin Book Signing in Grand Rapids: MoneyRunner

'Going Rogue' - My Book Report: Ace
Bernie Goldberg Responds to Jon Stewart’s “F*** You”: GWP
Bumper-Sticker Outrage of the Day: Snapped Shot

‘60 Minutes’ Runs 15 Minute Segment on Resurrecting Iraqi Marshes– Forgets to Thank George W. Bush: GWP
Bring Your Own Camera: InstaPundit

Climate & Energy

An Inconvenient Release: Watts
Sunoco Oil CEO Says U.S. Policy Threat to Refiners: BMW
Scrubbed CRU Data Hacked, Recovered And Released: CBullitt


Another vast conspiracy: WSJ
Al-Qaeda Somalia in US: Supporters Blamed For Ohio Arson: PJM
Pakistani intelligence aids Mullah Omar's move to Karachi: Times

Meet Jan Schakowsky, Leftist Thugs' Useful Idiot: NSN
Chavez now making clouds abort from the presidential palace: Fausta


Google has its own plan for Netbooks: CNet


Obama gets Black Belt to go along with Nobel: Powers
U.S. Deports Lou Dobbs: Onion
Call a Limo: JWF

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