Sunday, November 29, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: No Dithering Around!

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An Unlikely Palinista: MonCrief
No Dithering Around!: Crittenden
Figures. Obama’s Doctor Friend Was a Marxist, Too: GWP

Democrats Channel Rhett Butler: Anchoress
'Party Crashers' had five-year relationship with Obama: CFP
Guess who came to dinner?: CFP

Republican Blasts ACORN Reprieve: Boston
Black Congressmen Under Investigation? Must Be Racism!: PJM
2,500 rally in St. Louis: BMW


A trillion here, a trillion there...: Ace
Just another nut job: S, C & A
Goldfinger: Operation Grand Slam With A Tungsten Twist: Kirby

Pelosi admits: we blew billions and got nothing for it: GWP


What Story?: Steyn
NYT reveals more classified intel; largely ignores ClimateGate: JWF
Meet Jacob Weisberg, parallel universe inhabitant: DPU (Language Warning)

CNN scoops the world on MenuGate: Surber
Other Things Joy Behar Can Use to Pander to Ethnic Groups & Minorities: Powers
Oh my. NY Times scorches Obama foreign policy: AT (Moran)

Climate & Energy

ClimateGate: Time to postpone Copenhagen: PJM (Simon)
Climategate Implosion is Bush’s Fault: Anchoress
Sunny with a chance of snowballs in hell: Cold Fury

ClimateGate by video: TigerHawk
Mann to be investigated by Penn State review: WUWT
The Latest on Climategate: University Will Release CRU Data: PJM

Obama's Cardiff Giant: AT
UN Climate Chief: Western Lifestyles are unsustainable: Nelson
Interview with NASA Climatologist Roy Spencer Regarding ClimateGate: BlogProf


Hit-and-Run Jihad Comes to America: PJM
'Mostly Peaceful' Activists Riot Before Geneva WTO Meeting: JWF
Saber-Rattling by Proxy: Commentary

Dozens Killed in Russian Train Terror Attack: GWP
Prosecuting American 'War Crimes': WSJ
The Middle East Needs Dubai: Boot

If We Sacrifice Jerusalem, Why Defend London: AT (Lewis)


Buying, selling, and Twittering all the way: CNet


Daily Scoreboard: Surber
'Mrs Obama Resembles No One Else — Her Style is Unique': JWF

Comment o' the day: Concerning the White House party crashers...

So, nobody really believes that this incident was the Secret Service's way of telling President Obama, "It's time to go, sir." -- 11B40

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Brim over I assent to but I dream the brief should secure more info then it has.