Sunday, November 15, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Get Ready for 'Amnesty II - The Sequel'

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Ex-ACORN fund raiser gets Obama judicial nomination: Tapscott
Hood: 'Resist the Temptation [for] Political Theater': JWF
We weaseled and equivocated and appeased: Steyn

Get Ready for 'Amnesty II - The Sequel': AT
KSM's Opening Statement - Priceless To Him: LegalIns
Mukasey on KSM in Civilian Court: Corner

Giuliani goes nuclear on Obama: Hot Air
Rathke on Tea Parties: BigGov (Volpe)
Muslims Abused In US Military? Hoax!: Gormogons

If KSM is acquitted, Mr. Obama, will you release him?: Patterico
Liberals and their Church of Health Insurance: Surber


100% Plus Taxation Key To Permanent Dem Majority: LegalIns
More Great Headlines for ObamaCare: Corner
Detroit Union Wants Mayor Fired for Not Collecting Dues for Them: BlogProf


AP in full attack mode: Con4Palin
Beck devotes entire show to black conservatives: Hot Air
Palin's Book Tour Builds on Effective Web Strategy: WSJ

Finding an Impartial Jury for KSM Should Be Easy: JOM
Newsweek Runs Incredibly Positive Cover Story on Sarah Palin: Powers
Palin Retakes Center Stage on Book Tour: Times

CBS News Tries to Tamp Down 'Hysteria' Over NYC Terror Trials: NewsBusters
TIME Notes A Few Tiny Problems: Dinocrat
The AT Readers' Complete Lexicon of Political Speech: AT

UAE Women Up In Arms Over Oprah Episode: Maktoob

Climate & Energy

World Leaders Agree to Delay Global Warming Deal: NewsBusters


It's Official: War was Iraq's Best Option: Shadowlands
Mao's Jacket for Oba-Mao: AmDig
Here We Go Again With the Bowing and Scraping: Ace

How America Created the Fort Hood Shooter: AT
If a President has done this in 1942, it sure would have saved everyone a lot of trouble: AmDig
Obama: Strong Prosperous Communist China Can Be 'Source of Strength for Community of Nations': GWP

Britain's Jailhouse Jihadis: Prairie
Why I Murdered 13 American Soldiers at Fort Hood: Nidal Hassan Explains It All to You: RubinRep
Other Nations Resist the Urge to Bow: Hot Air Pundit


Mind Over No Matter: Hands-On with the Psychic Controller: Kotaku
Big-Box Breach: The Inside Story of Wal-Mart’s Hacker Attack: Wired
Six Years of Patch Tuesdays: Schneier


Got Vertigo? Terrifying Towers & Glass Balconies: WebEcoist
6 Insane Laws We'll Need in the Future: Cracked

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