Monday, November 16, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Study -- PelosiCare to Screw Things Up, Raise Costs

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Trying KSM: Why?: Power Line
New WH Counsel: Hired to Erase ACORN Ties?: GWP
Rep. King: Did ACORN Bust Lead to Dunn's Departure?: Surber

Obama and Plummeting Military Morale: AT
Stanford Alumni Blow the Whistle on Valerie Jarrett: Malkin
Why Does He Hate Us?: Power Line

We are very close to no longer being Democrats: HillBuzz
Nick Adams' Speech at the Harrisburg Tea Party: RoxNews
Stunner: Abortion Funding Ban to Be Removed: GWP


The Essential Fusion: Doc Zero
Paper: Stimulus created or saved ZERO jobs: BlogProf
Green Jobs Move to China: Surber

Reality's a Bitch: JWF
WH: Moving Detainees to IL will create/save 2,340 jobs: GWP
Where the jobs are, and are not: TigerHawk

In Blue State Utopia of MI, $80K buys 38 houses and 36 lots: BlogProf


Study: Yeah, House Health Bill To Screw Things Up And As A Bonus - Raise Costs: Ace
Palin in Second Printing: 1.5 Million and Counting: Surber
Media blackout on Rifqa Bary: Atlas

Thoughts From the Later Republic: Hanson
Young conservative activist Hannah Giles speaks in Santa Barbara: LA Times
Time for a second look at Spencer's 'Stealth Jihad': GWP

Sarah Palin's Wal-Mart Strategy: AT
When Some Bloggers Really Should Hang Up Their Keyboards: AmPow
Goober Graham Crumbles for Nothing: Commentary

Climate & Energy

Environmental laws put gaps in Mexico border security: Times
Not again! 10-year climate 'tipping point' warning issued, after UN's 10-Year 'Climate Tipping Point' in 1989!: Depot
Gore draws 800 fans, 200 protesters: Surber


While Obama dithers, Iran makes its move in Afghanistan: AT (Moran)
Battling the Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan: CJ
Gitmo to Thomson, Illinois?: SIGIS

Courtroom Jihad: Crittenden
"Idiot" or Ideologue?: Kesler
Genius: Brits To Hire Teens For Olympic Security: CBullitt

Nature Abhors a Vacuum: Power Line
A 'Mindnumblingly Misguided' Decision: SIGIS
Four Arrested in UK Terror Raids: UKPA


Report: Mossad hacked Syrian computer to uncover nuke site: Haaretz


Make Your Own Disaster Movie: WCN
Friends and Family Visit American Power: AmPow
Pull the drapes and pass the ammunition: Michelle's Mirror

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