Saturday, November 28, 2009

Media Inventory: ClimateGate Reporters vs. Propagandists

Using Google News, I endeavored to answer the question "who is reporting upon ClimateGate... and who is ignoring it or covering it up?"


Australia: Herald-Sun
Canada: National Post
Canada: Toronto Sun
UK: Financial Times
UK: Guardian
UK: London Daily Mail
UK: Telegraph
UK: Times of London
US: Fox News
US: Wall Street Journal
US: Washington Times


Ireland: Belfast Telegraph ("Climate action ‘will save millions’")
UK: Press Association ("Warming health threat 'very real'")
UK: Reuters ("Hacked climate emails called a "smear campaign"")
US: Associated Press ("Curbing global warming saves lives, studies say")
US: Bloomberg ("Sea Level Rising Faster Than Forecast, Scientists Say")
US: Christian Science Monitor ("Amid charges of global warming hoax, new warning on climate change")
US: Los Angeles Times ("Global warming, the next partisan divide")
US: Space Daily ("Climate change: How global warming is having an impact")
US: University of Chicago ("University of Chicago Climate Scientists Share Concerns About Global Warming at EPA Hearings")
US: USA Today ("Scientist: Leaked climate e-mails a distraction")

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