Sunday, November 22, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: And the blame for ObamaCare goes to...

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Is ObamaCare a done deal?: RSM
Inside ACORN: Ensuring a Democrat Majority: MonCrief
And the blame for ObamaCare goes to...: AT

AARP Paid Off With Stimulus Cash?: Spectator
Report: ACORN mismanaged grant money: Times
Praising Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven: AT

Make 2010 Their Last Year In Office: JWF
Palinophobes Hate First, Ask Questions Later: RCP
Sen. Lincoln on Board as 60th Vote: Enjoyed Her Senate Career: BigGov

Whistleblower Reveals SEIU Ballot Fraud: BlogProf
My Afternoon at the Beck Rally: Carolyn
CA students: victims of vicious cycle of wealth redistribution: MYODBP


What If They Stop Buying Our Debt?: Zero Hedgef
Obama breaks 75-year old labor policy to strengthen unions: WSJ
Free Nate Silver!: JOM


Thanks for paying attention, big journalism: BigGov
PBS Shill Moyers, worth $20 million of taxpayer money, calls it quits: Wizbang
The real (?) story behind the recent turmoil at The Washington Times: RSM

So: How right was I? (A year after the election): CCP
Tom Friedman Gives Me Inspiration: Virtuous Republic
Million Med March Draws Hundreds in St. Louis: BMW

Climate & Energy

CRU Files Betray Climate Alarmists' Hypocrisy: AT (Sheppard)
Global WarmingGate: What Does It Mean?: PJM
Found in the CRU Document Dump: Verum Serum

How To Propagandize ‘Climate Change’: S&L
RICO suit against Gore and the Climate Fraudsters?: TAB
'Global Warming Scam': A Further Look: Denninger


Iran advocacy group said to skirt lobby rules: Times
Egypt Muslims burn Christian shops: Breitbart
Saudi sees first H1N1 deaths before Hajj pilgrims: Maktoob

Report: Cuba is an Orwellian Nightmare: Verum Serum


Five McClatchy newspapers now available on Kindle: McClatchy Watch
Ukraine Flu Death Toll Hits 400: Insider


Saturday Night Live Rips Obama Over China Trip, Spending, And The Deficit: Insider
After a baseball hit my face at 100mph: IZI

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