Monday, November 30, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Re-booting the Debate

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ObamaCare Won’t Work as Promised: Here’s Proof: BigGov
Re-booting the Debate: AT
A story about health care Obama doesn't want you to hear: MonCrief

The Future of ACORN: BigGov (Volpe)
Blue states sour on The Won: Surber
Redeeming Sarah: PJM (Solway)

Police Assassin Pardoned by Huckabee: Ace
Blue State Hell: Insane Animals on the Loose: AmDig
Party Crashers Linked to Obama Pal Khalidi: GWP

How do you measure integrity?: AT
Gladney beatdown witness can't believe it's a misdemeanor: GWP
Blue State Hell: Food for homeless tossed as 'unhealthy': BlogProf


Cato: ObamaCare price tag is $6 trillion: Morrissey
Is Liberty Worth $200 to $500?: LegalIns
Is Dubai a Financial China Syndrome?: InstaPundit

Real Cost of ObamaCare: $7 Trillion over 10 Years: BlogProf
UAE stocks nosedive on Dubai debt fears: Maktoob
The Black Hats Strike Back (Bernanke): Denninger


Rahe: Is Obama a one-trick pony?: Power Line
Thinking about Mark Twain on his birthday: AT
Ed Morrissey Attempts to Unscramble Scott Fenstermaker: SIGIS

Bloggers Scoop Big Media on Gatecrasher Timeline and Obama Ties: AmPower
Party With Polanski: Patterico
Young Blogger on Right Side of the Issues: BMW

'By January, he will have accomplished more than any first-year president since FDR': Fausta
BBC FAIL: CRU Emails Leaked Before They Were 'Hacked': AT (Lifson)
NYT: Obama's tiny hut diplomacy ain't working: Surber

Climate & Energy

Climate change: the worst scientific scandal of our generation : Telegraph (UK)
Weird science: East Anglia CRU threw out their raw data: Morrissey
Climategate Software: Garbage In, Garbage Out, and a Garbage Disposal in the Middle: AmDig

The Ghost of Lysenko: AT
Oopsy: raw data gone: Pundette
ClimateGate Insanity: CRU Dumped Original Temperature Records To Save Space: CBullitt

ClimateGate: What Are the Alarmists So Afraid Of?: BigGov
Calls to ban CRU scientists from IPCC process: AT (Moran)
Could Al Gore Be Investigated For Financial Fraud?: Riehl


Honduran voters too Leftist thug Zelaya: GWP
America's Day in Court: Cold Fury
Stalin Honored with Churchill at D-Day Memorial: PJM (de Russy)

Smart Power(tm) Breakthrough: Iran To Eliminate Expand Nuclear Program: Ace
Hillary's Bombshell: Obama Administration Subtly Launches Dramatic Policy Change on Peace Process: Rubin
The Rations of Government: You've Had Enough: Cold Fury

Obama’s Foreign-Policy Naivete Is Making War More Likely: Boot
Swiss ban minarets: Surber


Pub fined $13K for Wi-Fi Copyright Infringement: CNet
Swine flu deaths spike in Egypt: Maktoob
Droid does, iPhone doesn't: The porn app store: CNet


Good Gift, Bad Gift: Pundette
A friendly chat with the global warming evangelist who lives in my head: Treacher
Warsaw zoo to display caged 'cavemen': BlogProf

On the Climategate Scam:

The problem is that most don't have a background in Geology. 100 years is less than a tiny flyspeck compared to the earths overall history. It's barely measurable. Warming and cooling cycles are at best measured in increments of at least 20,000 years. So the ice caps are melting. Big deal. At one point in the distant past there were no ice caps. The earth was experiencing a warming period. Then there was a prolonged cooling period, when the warm atmosphere caused an increase in water vapor due to rising ocean temperatures. The water vapor was transported by winds to a cooler place, the poles, where it was released in the form of snow. Many thousands of snow accumulation created glaciers. We are now in one of the 20,000 year warming cycles, causing the ice caps to melt. At some point in the distant future, another cooling cycle will occur and the process will start anew. In case you doubt the cycles involved, keep in mind that CO2's account for only 5% of what are called greenhouse gases. The other 95% is water vapor. So now you know. I'll forward you a link to the history of Yosemite National Park about 90 miles down the road from where I live. Judge for yourself the times involved in its creation. -- Anthony Rohl

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