Monday, November 16, 2009

Cheney 2012 Campaign Slogans

Exurban League is thinking about a 'Draft Cheney' run for 2012. His proposed campaign slogans are awesome.

Top Cheney 2012 Slogans

10. "Yeah, I'm a compassionate conservative. I let you live, didn't I?"

9. "The Secret Service's new job? Protecting other world leaders from me."

8. "I'll crush all enemies foreign & domestic. Then I'll figure out a goal for Week Two."

7. "I shot a guy in the face and he apologized to me."

6. "Democrats will need Universal Health Care after I'm through with them."

5. "Want to see world leaders bowing? Oh, they'll bow alright."


3. "On my World Apology Tour, I won't be the one apologizing."

2. "I never had a heart attack. I just stopped it a few times to show it who was boss."


I just hope EL doesn't sic Cheney on me.

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