Friday, November 27, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Help Wanted, No Real Experience Required

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Help Wanted, No Real Experience Required: Driscoll
Constitutional Law’s Tyranny of Complexity: PJM
Giving thanks to the necessary men: Doc Zero

Turkeys of the Year: Malkin
Three Proposals on the Black Family: City
Sen. Conrad's Insulting Defense of KSM: AT


The cronies, czars & corruptocrats at Obama’s first state dinner: Malkin
Dubai struggles to contain investor panic: Maktoob
Detroit and the true 'hockey stick' graph: jobs: BlogProf

State Pensioner Thinks He's Blameless for Pension Mess: STACLU
California Rumblings: Zero Hedge
World voting with its feet on the dollar: AT


Even Russian TV Does Better Job Reporting ClimateGate Than CNN: NewsBusters
Cass Sunstein vs. the Hateful Blogs: Verum Serum
The White House's unprecedented use of 'unprecedented': BlogProf

The Competing Narratives of Barry and Sarah: AT (Cashill)
What is Helen Thomas thankful for?: RSM
Barbara Walters interviews Sarah Palin: Pedaling Fast

Climate & Energy

Uh oh: raw data tells a different story than the 'official' one: Watts
'Case for climate fears is blown to smithereens...UN conference should be closed': Depot
Science Czar Holdren's Involvement in 'Climategate': CFP

Politics and Greenhouse Gases: AT (McLaughlin)
Climategate: It’s the Totalitarianism, Stupid: PJM (Lewis)
Moving the goalposts: breathtaking: MoneyRunner

Here's the decline that they hid: Maggie's Farm
Science untarnished by 'Climategate,' U.N. says: CNet
Rigged from the start: WSJ

Protesters Chase Junk Scientist Al Gore Down the Street After Book Signing: GWP
Wow, “Man-made” Warming Really Is Global: Kiwis Dope The Data: CBullitt


For Thanksgiving Barack Obama Demands Release of 1,000 Terrorists: GWP
Iranians stage protest at Haj; chant death to America and Israel: Maktoob
War Porn: Instant Gunship: Ace

Terrorist Criminal Trials and the Coming Jihad: AT (Miller)
Swiss vote on banning minarets: Riehl


Attacks Appear Imminent as IE Exploit Is Improved: PC World


Gratuitous Thanksgiving Picture o' the Day: Crazy Uncle
What to Give Your Wife for Christmas: RSM
Turnabout's fair game: BrutHon

Suburban Housewife: Sally Brooks (Language Warning)
Movie Reviews: BDP (Language warning)
Environmentalism as Religion: Crichton (2003)

Quote o' the Day:

"All the talk about climate change, fraudulent science, the politicization of science, and so on has reminded me of one of my favorite stories of all time. I learned it from Tony Daniels (aka Theodore Dalrymple). In the Nazi period, 100 “Aryan” scientists signed a statement against Einstein — saying that the theory of relativity was a Jewish hoax or whatever. Asked to comment on this, Einstein said, “If what they are saying were true, one signature would have been enough.”

In science, as in other areas of life, beware the bandwagon. -- Jay Nordlinger

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