Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: ANSWER goons attack foes of illegal immigration

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Far Left’s ANSWER goons attack foes of illegal immigration: Malkin
Radical ideology exposed at Leftist health conference: BMW
How the ACLU got KSM to New York: PJM

Hillsdale's Rahe: The Great Awakening: Power Line
Judicial filibusters: paybacks are a bitch: Times
Debating Obama's Health Care Nonsense: AT

Obama's Mind Games: AT
A Few Good People to Operate One Good Tyranny: Protein
Prison Security Simply Put: SondraK


Our new bogus 'Stimulus' map: Examiner
McCain: Chrysler's $15B in taxpayer money likely wasted: BlogProf
Probed demanded of SEIU’s Stern for illegal lobbying: Hot Air

The worst is yet to come: more job losses on the way: Daily News
Obama saved, created jobs in districts that don't exist: BlogProf
You Stupid Fool: Denninger

Blame Government for Wall Street Mess: Gasparino


Time Discovers Funemployment: Goshdarnit, Some Americans Are So Happy In This Recession (So You Should Be Too!): Ace
Juan Williams suffers from a bout of PDS while on-air: GWP
Top Ten Reasons Black America Should Fear Rush Limbaugh: AT (Marcus)

Huckabee: if KSM gets off, the Democrat Party is finished: Hot Air
Sarah Palin on Oprah: Anchoress

Climate & Energy

Al Gore Beclowns Himself, Chapter Nine Million Seventy Five: Surber
U.S. Government Stats of the Day: NOFP


Our bad: UN says Iran has more secret nuke sites: Wired
Plot Thickens: Indians Now Believe American Key to Mumbai Massacre: Jawa
Japan expert to ABC: Yes, Obama’s bow made him look like an idiot: Hot Air

Has CAIR Violated the Iranian Assets Control Regulations?: BigGov
Oy, Canada: PJM (Solway)
Where We're Heading: Your Crazy Uncle


Man with 2.6 million followers says he's never used Twitter: GWP


More pics of the Bugatti water landing: IZI
Nothing to Say: Adrienne

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