Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: A Progressive Constitution

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A Progressive Constitution: AT (Anderson)
SEIU tantrums in S.F.: Malkin
Capture a Terrorist, Go To Jail: JWF

After Health Takeover, Can a One-Child Policy Be Far Behind?: AT
Kentucky Census right-wing lynching schadenfreude update: RSM
Schakowsky's ex-con hubby guest at State Dinner: Marathon

Sarah Palin at Fort Bragg: Wizbang
The Carly Bloggers: Riehl
John Hawkins on the Blogosphere: STACLU


Change: 3rd quarter GDP 2.8%, not 3.5%: Hot Air
Housing: Yes, That Was (And Is) A Train Wreck: Denninger
It's Called 'Precedent': Denninger

Ohio’s Konop: Let Kids Starve; We Need to Fund Unions: STACLU
Real City of Genius: Today we salute you, Pasadena: DHB
Bernanke Get's Punk'd (Again): Zero Hedge


Networks, Media Blacking Out ClimateGate Story; ABC Instead Runs Headline, 'Climate Report Says Even Most Dire Predictions Too Tame': Ace
Climategate: MSM Writers Try to Ignore Scandal But Readers Bring Them Back to Reality: NewsBusters
ClimateGate: Some Dig Their Heels In: PJM

Dem Koan: Driscoll
WaPo: Stop Whining, Sure Some Will Die But We Need To Save Money On Health Care: Ace
Rachel 'Mad Cow' Maddow vs. Second Amendment: Grand Rants

Moving to Mockery and Derision: Wizbang
Wrinkled Gray Lady Refuses To Pubish "Illegally Obtained" Emails Proving Global Warming Is A Fraud: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Science czar John Holdren and ClimateGate: Perfect together: Malkin
CEI Sues NASA in Wake of Climategate Scandal: PJM
More From the East Anglia Archives: Power Line

Treemometers: One of the Scandals Behind the CRU Emails: S&L
Climate Frauds May Face Criminal Charges: Science
CRU's Source Code: ClimateGate Uncovered: PJM (Sheppard)

Deconstructing ClimateGate’s Smoking-Gun Email: PJM (Blumer)


U.S. Acting in Iran¹s Interest, Opposition Leader Says: Timmerman
Iran: They're Just Killing Themselves: PJM (Ledeen)
ADL is now a danger to the survival of Israel: AT


Best Black Friday Deals for Gadget Lovers: Fox
Security Trends for 2010: Ent IT Planet


The Trial of the Next Century: Six Meat Buffet
Beautiful and well-played, Mrs. O: Anchoress

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