Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Teacher’s unions earn an "F" for Wisconsin recall abuse

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Teacher’s unions earn an "F" for Wisconsin recall abuse: Malkin
Obama attended Bill Ayers Barbecue - 4 July 2005: Breitbart
The Pathetic Legacy of Barack Obama: Power Line

Walker Wins, Democrats Get Swept: CDN
Tonight voters saved Wisconsin, it's time to save America: WyBlog
Priebus memo claims Wis. boost: Politico

Democrats Already Attacking Republican Voters in Wisconsin: Sooper
All Class: President Obama at the Air Force Academy: GWP
Obama approval collapses among Jewish voters: Beacon


7 scariest facts from the new CBO long-term budget forecast: Peth
Three Charts That Will Blow Your Mind: Hawkins
Liz Warren family flip wigwams for heap big wampum: Wizbang

The national debt isn’t $15 trillion. It’s $50 trillion: Peth
The Wintour of their discontent: Pundette
WI Public Unions unveil their new logo!: Sooper

Government Down $16 Billion on GM Bailout: WS
Hats Off to McDonald’s and Coca-Cola for Protesting Soda Ban: ObjStd
Sounds sustainable: More Than 40 Percent of Americans Are on Some Government Program: Foundry

Scandal Central

Fast and Furious wiretap information obtained by Congress: Attkisson
What Is Obama Hiding?: AT
Chaffetz: Holder Ignoring Fast and Furious Letter is “Embarrassment” For Speaker Boehner: Nice Deb

Climate & Energy

The Greatest Hoax? Global Warming, Says Sen. James Inhofe: AIM
Wind power, solar power, and unintended consequences: AEI
UK Government adviser Bill McGuire says global warming causing... earthquakes and landslides: Watts


The Latest on the Kimberlin Saga: “WWIII” + A Victory For Free Speech In Georgia: Nice Deb
“Kill Scott Walker”: Angry libs flood Twitter with death threats after Wisconsin recall defeat: Twitchy
Fool Me Twice: Fauxbama at Book Expo America 2012: Urban Infidel

The Whupping in Wisconsin: Seven Key Conclusions: Erickson
A Moment To Reflect On Our Valiant Opposition In Wisconsin: Riehl
Meanwhile in California, Pension Reform Winning with Voters: Reason

David Axelrod Reaches New Depth of Desperation in Spin: Geraghty
Best Line of the Night: Sarah Palin on Wisconsin Recall: “Obama’s Goose Is Cooked”: GWP
Ed 'The Red' Schultz: ‘This is not going to be an easy night for this broadcaster’: DC


Remember when Top Secret meant something?: BlackFive
Senate Democrats blast national security leak on Iran cyber-attack: Hill
Baghdad Dreaming: Bolton


Researchers reveal how Flame fakes Windows Update: ComputerWorld
Buttons Morph Out Of Your Touchscreen With Tactus: SingularityHub
Once Deemed Evil, Google Now Embraces “Paid Inclusion”: MarketingLand


Breaking the Circle of Poverty, One Election at a Time: MOTUS
First They Came For Our Soda...: Lady Liberty
Forest Service hit for Border Patrol call: Times

Image: Urban Infidel
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QOTD: "At present, Germany appears to respond to events rather than anticipate them. That increases uncertainty and the risk of a major financial crisis. If Germany acted with clarity, though, the outcome would not be a crisis, but rather the deliberate amputation of gangrenous parts of the financial system in order to salvage the whole.

Ultimately, [Germany] will have to sacrifice Spain. That will compromise the French banks, which in turn will require German support. Spain is unsalvageable. It is better to take the pain early and deliberately, rather than later and chaotically. Dealing expeditiously with Spain, moreover, should convince Italy to adopt the reforms which can prevent it from following Spain and Greece into de facto national bankruptcy. " --Spengler

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