Saturday, June 09, 2012

We are now watching the Democrat Party implode, right before our eyes

What would you call a General who abandoned his troops on the battlefield? I would call him "General Obama". The worst president in American history (Jimmy Carter just breathed a sigh of relief) -- who has set the country up for both fiscal and national security disasters -- is literally tearing the Democrat Party apart.

More interested in protecting his own job, he stayed away from Wisconsin during the entire recall fight (which was lost by the Left, badly).

And the Clinton wing of the Democrat Party continues to lob grenades at Obama, undermining his bleak message of scapegoating and diversion with shiny objects ("Look over there -- it's a woman who can't get free contraceptives!"). Consider the following instances of subtle rebellion:

Former Clinton Adviser Lanny Davis Goes Off On Obama Aides: “You Have Vicious People Who Are Working For The President” - "It may be meltdown unless they come to their senses. Why would they want to create enemies, or depict people as enemies: who are their friends?"

Clinton's Tax-Cut Position Undercuts Obama Stance - "Former Democratic President Bill Clinton suggested Tuesday that Congress temporarily extend all the Bush-era tax cuts, undercutting President Barack Obama's position that the rates on upper-income Americans should rise at year's end."

Ed Rendell: Obama ‘hurt by being a legislator only’ before presidency - "Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell... made his latest swipe at the president Thursday morning in an interview on CBS’s “This Morning.” ... Asked by host Charlie Rose whether he thought Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton would have handled the presidency differently from Obama, Rendell responded that he thought Clinton “would’ve come in with a lot more executive experience... I think the president was hurt by being a legislator only.” Rendell said."

Bill Clinton On Romney's Bain Ties: 'This Is Good Work' - "During an appearance on CNN on Thursday night, Bill Clinton weighed in on presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's former private equity firm, Bain Capital, which has come under scrutiny in the campaign... "I don't think we ought to get into a position where we say this is bad work," Clinton said. "This is good work." ... Clinton characterized Romney's career as "sterling.""

Booker's big mouth ruins relationship with Obama, Cabinet hopes - "Thinking highly of [Newark Mayor Cory] Booker, Obama’s campaign asked him to appear on “Meet the Press” on May 20 to act as a mouthpiece, but he proceeded to eviscerate one of the president’s key campaign themes... Booker told a national TV audience the president’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s record at private-equity firm Bain Capital were “nauseating” and made him “very uncomfortable.” ... “He’s dead to us,” one ranking administration official said of the prevailing feelings at the White House and Obama headquarters in Chicago."

Deval Patrick, Democratic Governor, Creates Obama Campaign Headache By Defending Bain - "Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick ended up defending Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Thursday during TV appearances in which the Democratic politician was supposed to be serving as a surrogate for President Barack Obama. Patrick... applauded Boston-based Bain Capital, implicitly criticizing the Obama campaign's attacks on Romney's record at the private equity firm."

In short, the Democrat knives are out for Obama. But why is all of this happening now?

Because the Clinton Wing of the Democrat Party is astute enough to know what's coming. I believe we are watching the first signs of a political tsunami. In state after state, Barack Obama has marshaled only 60% of the vote... as an incumbent president in the Democrat freaking primaries.

That's not to say any of this will be easy. It will be a pitched political battle, with every dirty trick, every left-wing media "October Surprise" hit-job, and every illegal voting gambit known to man. It will take all of us, working as hard as we can, to educate our family members, our friends, our neighbors and our colleagues and to ensure that the margin of victory surpasses what I like to call "The Holder Margin".

But I feel, deep in my gut, that a Tsunami is about to wash across the American landscape like nothing any of us have ever seen before.

And after the Marxist Left splinters the Democrat Party into tiny little shards, it will be time for we Constitutional Conservatives to take on our next challenge.

Because our work won't be done.

Our next task will be to replace the cowardly, Rockefeller-style leadership of the Republican Party with patriots who are more interested in saving the country than their own pathetic hides. Our next task is to continue to put the United States back on the road of Constitutionalism, the greatest system of government ever devised by man.


ducksalad said...

Superb update on the disastrous state of Barack Hussein Obama.

And the last words about the Republican party are equally on target.

We must take America back.

Bob's Blog said...

I have linked to your excellent post here:

Donald Sensing said...

All the people wielding knives against Obama are simply trying to distance Hillary from Obama because, hey, 2016 is only four years off. That will be Hillary's last chance - she will turn 69 about a week before election day. IIRC, only Reagan was that old when elected.

Eric said...

Political persuasion aside, there's the issue of ego. I have to believe there are a LOT of Democrats in Washington who wondered how this guy rose to the White House after two feckless years in the Senate.

C'mon: tell me some of these career Senators don't bristle at Obama's pronouncements from on high. Now they're in a position to damn him with faint praise.

Doom said...

While it is sweet to watch I sure hope Republicans learn from this. It isn't about change, it's about the correct change. Ask still by a relative landslide Governor Walker for details.

Oh, but it is fun to watch. Hmm, reminds me, I have popcorn somewhere that needs popped. Disasters are better viewed with a tub of buttered popcorn.

Anonymous said...

If Twitter is any indication...Obama is taking a beating on there. Hearing very little from supporters who aren't 17 yrs old or voting on race alone. Obama is finished.

Anonymous said...

Here's another excellent read
found this AM

William Teach said...

Non-super leftist Democrats and simply old school liberals are realizing that Obama is a fool, an incompetent, and clueless, not too mention bad for America and bad for the Democrat Party, and want to distance themselves from him.

Anonymous said...

Repubs MUST overwhelm Zero in the November election. Verify that you are registered to vote and then verify if your family and friends are as well. If not, click on the voter registration form.

mandy said...

I overheard a conversation between two construction trades labor BAs (okay, I was eaves-dropping) and the one BA began shouting about Conservatives being facists and not supporting "democracy in the workplace". I kid you not, the guy was crying. The other BA and an orgainizer who was there were both looking at this guy like he had two freaking heads. The far Left is imploding and the Left/Center Left is scared to death that they are going to be wiped out by the fallout. I'm loving every delicious moment.

Mutaman said...

"The worst president in American history (Jimmy Carter just breathed a sigh of relief)"

You sir are a fucking moron. Less time on the internet and more time in the library.

Lightwave said...

Absolutely correct. The wave coming will eliminate the Democrat party from power completely. We will have the awesome responsibility of total control of all aspects of the federal government come January 2013.

Once Congress and the White House are in our control, as Doug says the real work begins. Top 5 changes that have to be made in 2013 after we win it all:

1) Eliminating the filibuster. There will be no "obstructionist" Democrats. They will learn the meaning of "elections have consequences".

2) Eliminating multiple cabinet departments (education, energy, commerce, labor and others) and return the money used to fund them to the taxpayers. Yes, this means firing a million government workers or so. They'll find jobs because they have to.

3) Eliminating foreign aid, Planned Parenthood, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, food stamps, cash assistance and other subsidies we can no longer afford. Stand on your own or be cast aside.

4) Turn over entitlements to the states where they will have to be run as a balanced budget expense. Liberals? Your retirement is not my problem.

5) Appoint real conservatives -- STRICT CONSTITUTIONALISTS ONLY -- on the Supreme Court and to the federal bench. Time to overturn the last 80 years of liberalism that has made us obese, stupid, and dependent. Function on your own merit. Be responsible for yourself and your family. Nobody else will, nobody else should have to.

This can and will happen, folks. The Democrat party is coming apart. Once Europe implodes and our economy finally goes with it, Obamaa won't be able to carry Illinois, much less the country. The blame game has already begun because they know it's over for them.

For the rest of us, time to pick a side. Most of us are there. The rest? They'll come around. Won't have much of a choice, after all. I guarantee that.

Benson II said...

Your right on lightwave except for one thing. We've got a lot of expunging to do. Romney isn't the guy for the job that needs to be done so we'll have to drag him kicking and screaming to the well. The Republican party is run by cowards and people who agree with big government and lining their own pockets. It's gonna be a long road and we need to remember liberals never quit.......never. Even if they lose they'll still be there trying to infiltrate again. They've been at this for 80 years and won't give in without a fight even if it takes another 80 years. Can we stay vigilant that long? That's the question.

jms said...

Benson II, Mitt Romney is an experienced executive who knows how to work with a board of directors to accomplish things. He will work with whatever Congress the people give him to work with. If we give him a liberal Congress, he will work with them. If we give him a conservative Congress, he will work with them. If we give him a tea-party Congress, he will work with them. Getting the right Congress elected is just as important as getting Mitt Romney elected.

Anonymous said...

"But I feel, deep in my gut, that a Tsunami is about to wash across the American landscape like nothing any of us have ever seen before."

I''m right there with ya on this but what if this statement amounts to nothing more than wishful thinking? Just because events "appear" to be linked doesn't guarantee anything.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed that the Left always comes up with a solution to a problem that is at polar opposites of the intelligent solution?

The left uses devices like the CRA to force banks to loan out money to those who can’t repay it and eventually it all comes crashing down.

SO instead of addressing the real problem they develop a talking point to push for a government solution to a government caused problem with – more government.

The left comes up with all manner of entitlement programs to redistribute the wealth and it bankrupts nations in the process.

SO instead of addressing the problem of spending money we don’t have, the left instead blames the very act of trying to stop the spending of this money.

Bob Mack said...

Governance by the Democrats at the executive level, Slick Willie notwithstanding, always seems to end the same way: after suffering a few years of indigestible policies and affronts to liberty, the collective innards of the citizenry begin to roil, and the head Jackass and his minions are soon thereafter summarily expelled by an emetic election...

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