Friday, June 01, 2012

We're in the very best of hands: Obama's new economic plan is for you to go buy that "thingamajig" you've been putting off for a while

Tammy Bruce elucidates on the Stimulator-In-Chief's latest plan to boost the cluster-economy:

Here’s a bit of today’s disastrous economic news:

Unemployment goes up to 8.2%

Stocks plunge, on Pace for Worst Day in 2012

Government Motors outsources pensions, offers lump-sum buyouts

And what is Obama’s response to the disaster he’s created? Go buy a “Thingamajig.”

"Maybe somebody'll be replacing some... uhm... thingamajig for their... furnace! They been putting that off, but if they got that extra money... they might just go out there and buy that thing... right?"

Holy freaking crap.


A_Nonny_Mouse said...

Someone please tell President Clueless that I'm not one of those people with extra cash burning a hole in my pocket.

I know that the Ruling Elites have no shortage of funds for their arugula, wagyu beef, (or Cristal champagne, for that matter). After all, THEY are living quite well off the taxpayer, and THEIR pensions are guaranteed.

It's the rest of us who live the day-to-day reality of "OMG have you seen the price of CEREAL?" and "Good Lord, I can't even afford SOUP now" on top of "Please, please don't let the car break down".

Go buy a thingamajig? Maybe -- if it's under ten bucks.

Chaz said...

President Thingamajig.

You know... at some point I knew the Pres would lay a pretty big egg. I just never thought it would be 'Thingamajig.'

Anonymous said...

Buy that thingmajog....for your June!

PapaTodd said...

I live in Arizona, It was 105 yesterday. why do I need to install a thingamajig in my furnace in June?

krakatoa said...

he's not clueless. when are people going to wake up and understand?

he's malicious. he's vindictive. he hates us. he's a smear-merchant and a liar. there is nothing "clueless" about him.

he knows exactly what he's doing.

and he loves it.

the Democrat party is the least "democratic" organization in this nation.

The_Bad said...

The Smartest President Evah has suggested that Americans go buy that thingamajig for their furnace? Perhaps government furnaces work differently than mine. Pretty much every single thingamajig in my furnace is necessary for it to operate. No thingamajig, no heat.

Bush was the dummy? Really?