Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A PRINTABLE CHEAT SHEET: A simple one-pager you can give to any undecided voter you know

All of us know plenty of folks who don't pay as much attention to politics as you and I. They might be busy with kids, or helping out an elderly parent, working two jobs, or volunteering with church, school or sports. Nonetheless, I feel it's important to illustrate -- in simple form -- the real world impact President Obama's policies have on everyone.

For that reason, Biff Spackle has created a PDF version of an "Undecided Voter Cheat Sheet" that you can print on a single piece of paper at your local Kinko's.

It's an easy way to get the word out. Print some copies, knock on doors, hand them out, and ask for support. Email it to your contact list. Print some out for church. Share it with your friends and colleagues.

We don't have to go to war to save our country the way our ancestors did. All we have to do is marshal everyone we can. November is coming.


Joe Dan said...

I've bookmarked your site. Good stuff..

Proggy McProgger says "FORWARD" said...

Hey, you used Barack's picture. That's racist.

And all of those facts, they're racist too.

You didn't get ALL of your information from Think Progress, Media Matters and the DNC, so it's racist.

Those colored charts are racist!!

....wait, I just said colored. That means I'm racist

Anonymous said...

Your updated "Obama's firsts" post linked to from the URL on the cheat sheet is displaying for a couple of seconds, and then disappearing. No problem with your other posts. This happens on two separate Windows 7 computers with IE9.

directorblue said...

Dunno, but recommend using Chrome or Firefox...