Saturday, October 20, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Has the preference cascade begun?

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Has the preference cascade begun?: Q&O
Brutal Ad Shreds Obama's 'Not Optimal' Daily Show Line: Nice Deb
Five (Non-Libya) Questions for Monday’s Debate: Commentary

!*$#!: CIA Told WH Instantly That Benghazi Was Terror Attack: CDN
The Left's War on Ballot Box Integrity: RSM
Florida: Romney 51%, Obama 46%: Rasmussen

UN Gun Control Is Back: Morris
Is the Obama Campaign Abandoning Four Key Swing States?: Tatler
Romney Out-Hustling Obama on the Campaign Trail: Dossier

Could Claire McCaskill lose to Todd Akin? You betcha: LI
Bummer: Allen West Crushing Dem Opponent in Florida: Pavlich
RNC Trounces DNC in Fundraising; DNC Now Bankrupt: RSM


CA Official Who Nixed Unemployment Report a Big Obama Donor: JWF
Key Democrat Admits: We Have to Raise Taxes on Everybody: C4P
Mitt:Obama's has become the incredible shrinking campaign: RWN

Ahead of Election, Obama Stops Releasing ‘Stimulus’ Reports: WS
Ohio doctor running newspaper ads slamming Obamacare: DC
Small Business Owners Beg Americans to Vote for Romney: Yahoo!

Scandal Central

President Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures: Foundry
Demo Congresswoman Capps fails to report over half a million dollars in income: DC
DOJ: Growth in Violent Crimes Against Whites: JW

Claire McCaskill's Husband Got $40 Million in "Stimulus" : Ace
Oh Perfect: SCOTUS To Decide Whether You Can Legally Resell Your Stuff: AllAm
Is Obama Trying to Buy the Election With His Welfare Explosion?: CNBC

Climate & Energy

Energy in the Executive: The President's real record on fossil fuels.: WSJ
Good news: Interior Department creating their very own climate-change committee: Hot Air
Regulation: USDA Lays an Egg: Elephant


Nate Silver Asks: Whose Shark Is This, and Why Do I Feel a Need to Jump It?: RSM
Dem insiders appear to know that Obama will likely lose: MagFarm
It's Over: American Digest

Rage Against the Media: Mjfellwrites
When You've Lost Andrea Mitchell...: Breitbart
Nestlé Sued Again For Selling Bottled Tap Water As Spring Water: Forbes


MUST SEE: An Urgent Message for America: Loudon
“He said Allahu Akbar” – Survivors tell what really happened during the terrorist attack on Fort Hood: Scoop
Libyan attackers feel free to attack Obama administration with impunity.: Lane

Fort Hood victims see similarities to Benghazi: Times
CIA found militant links a day after Libya attack: Mercury News
Satellite photos of Iran military site bring questions of explosives testing: Fox

Prime Suspect in Benghazi Attack Turns Up, Chillin’ with a Strawberry Frappe: Tatler
Stevens repeatedly conveyed worries to Obama admin about lawlessness, violence in Benghazi: Scoop
Judging presidential candidates by their endorsements: JPA


The truth about Google's horrible, no good, very bad day: Fortune
Top brass to discuss U.S. Air Force role in cyber warfare: Reuters
Google Insiders Bail Prior to Stock Plunge: Mish


What’s It Like to Spend One Minute as James Bond?: Gizmodo
Social media sensation dies of cancer at age 13: BizWk
Here's what Business Insider looked like this day in 1987: Reformed Broker

Image: Bosch Fawstin
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: If You Are Reading This, You Are the Resistance

QOTD: "I would like to ask you to honor your parents, grandparents, favorite teachers, and anyone else who shaped you and helped make you who you are today in the country you love by taking a moment and thinking about how you can help make Mitt Romney’s win as big as possible on November 6th. This will involve taking a step beyond things you normally do now…and interacting with a greater circle of people than just your current friends and family. It will most likely involve reaching out to people in your community or total strangers on the phone or online and asking them to help save our country by voting for Mitt Romney, the man who can fix the mess we are in.

Please consider going to the official Romney website and signing up for its action center.

Learn how you can help the campaign from home.

If you have any bucks to spare in this horrible Obama economy, please consider sending what you can to the campaign.

Here are some other things you can do that won’t cost you anything but a few minutes a day of your time:

• If you see anyone online in conservative ranks pulling Eeyore garbage, jump in and tell that person to knock it off because they are not helping the cause. It’s time for Eeyores to shut up and keep their worries, fears, and cries for attention to themselves. Grown ups have work to do.

• If you notice any conservative writers attempting to play Tokyo Rose games to demoralize Republicans at a time when we’re so close to a major victory, shout these people down. Go after them on Twitter, Facebook, and email and demand they stop churning out this propaganda. Tell them flat out they are Tokyo Roses and commence weeding them out. After the election, we’re going to take things a step further and demand that some of these people be removed from sites like HotAir, TownHall, National Review, etc. because they clearly operated from a pro-Obama agenda by echoing the Left’s talking points during the last few months of this race. We’re not going to allow that to keep happening in the future..." --Kevin DuJan

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