Saturday, October 27, 2012

SMELLS LIKE DESPERATION: Krugman, Reich resort to name-calling, denial when confronted with reality

As if binders, Big Bird, bayonets and dunce caps haven't sufficiently embarrassed Democrats, the half-pint nitwit named Robert Reich, a former Clinton crony and full-time Leftist crank adds to the classy repartee:

Here's another mature take, this one from the loathsome troll Paul Krugman.

Gee. That's convincing.

Meanwhile, back in the little land we like to call "reality", the anger of the American people is becoming palpable.

Yesterday's seven-day Gallup tracker showed Romney increasing his lead overnight by two points -- 47-50% to 46-51%. The last time Romney was below fifty in this poll was almost two weeks ago, on October 14. Since the move to likely voters, Obama has yet to reach 50% in Gallup and hasn't even been able to reach 48% since October 1.

...Today's three-day Rasmussen tracker shows Romney leading 50-46%. That's a one-point increase over yesterday's 50-47%. Romney also increased his lead by two points in the Rasmussen tracking poll of the eleven combined swing states. Today the former Massachusetts governor sits at 51%, while the former community organizer languished at 45%. Those six-points represent Romney's best lead yet. Quite incredibly, Obama led this poll by three points ten days ago. That's a nine-point swing towards Romney.

Oh, "Doctors" Reich and Krugman, I'm sure the unraveling Benghazi scandal will dramatically improve turnout for Democrats.

Write it down: 2010 is going to look like a warm-up compared to what's going to happen on November 6th. That's why I've been using the hashtag #Beatdown2012, and I encourage you to use it too.

By Wednesday morning, Messrs. Krugman and Reich will have badly soiled their Depends.

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