Saturday, October 20, 2012

LAST STAND: I Refuse to Give Up This Republic Without a Fight

You don't have to ride on a treacherous, unlit cow path from the north-side of Boston to Lexington as the King's Regulars attempt a surprise attack on the Sons of Liberty.

You don't have to board a frigate, sail for weeks across the Atlantic and then sack a city in Tripoli to rescue your imprisoned countrymen.

You don't have to kill a British soldier in a desperate, hand-to-hand struggle after leaping out of a boat on the beach at York during the War of 1812.

You don't have to hold the line against Pickett's desperate charge at Gettysburg as thousands of wounded men shriek bloody murder around you.

You don't have to resist a vicious attack by the Hun with fixed bayonets at Belleau Wood.

You don't have to survive a terrifying duck-boat run onto Omaha Beach as men around you are being chopped to bits by fortified Nazi gun emplacements.

You don't have to liberate the Nazi Death Camps, capping months of brutal fighting and desperate marching through the dirt roads of Europe.

You don't have to withstand a surprise attack by the Chinese 'People's Volunteer Army', fighting to hold the line in 35°-below-zero temperatures for days on end near the Chosin Reservoir.

You don't have to defend the city of Huế from a surprise attack by Viet Cong and PAVN regulars, fighting block-to-block as the entire country is set afire by the Tet Offensive.

You don't have to race across the desert, waiting for a chemical attack or a Scud missile to hit, baking in 130° temperatures, so that you can expel Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard from Kuwait.

You don't have to patrol a patch of hard-scrabble earth in Aghanistan or Iraq, waiting for the inevitable IED by the side of the road -- or signs that you've rolled right into an ambush by heavily-armed 'insurgents' equipped with Iranian RPGs.

You don't have to do any of those things. You just have to vote in November. You just have to take the time to rally your neighbors, your family members and your co-workers to vote for candidates who believe in the Constitution. You must marshal voters who will reject the out-of-control, free-spending government that has brought our country to the edge of bankruptcy.

Because if the Constitution doesn't mean anything, if all of the founders' sacrifices went for naught, if all of those American heroes who fought and bled and died for the flag mean nothing, if all your parents and grandparents gave you doesn't amount to a hill of beans, well, then our generation will be forever known as the weak-willed group that let the American dream slip from our fingers.

And we will be known forever as the generation that allowed American exceptionalism to be stolen from us by a radical leftist from San Francisco, a crooked, power-hungry weasel of a man from Nevada, and an Alinsky-trained community organizer who rose to the presidency without qualifications or even so much as a background check by the media.

You don't have to bleed for your country. All you have to do is rally our forces to vote in November. That is what we can do and that is what we must do to preserve this Republic for future generations.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one had a comment on this. A really great piece. It is inspiring and thought provoking and if it doesn't make you choked up and misty then you are a robot. In light of the most recent reports of the ( I can't bring myself to even use his real name) Obunghol administrations efforts to pander votes by creating a fraudulent agreement with the mullahs to TEMPORARILY stop enrichment in exchange for removal of sanctions, this piece is even more important. I hate to say it but we may need more than votes to stop these guys.

Clayusmcret said...

Talk about timely! I had an email conversation with a good friend this morning where the gist was "What do we do?" Let's start here. Thank you for putting this together!! God help us if we lose.

K-Bob said...

Very well done, sir!

A good time for me to say thanks to all who served in our military, no matter what the circumstance!

Unknown said...

The President has invited UN troups onto our soil to observe our elections. That is foreign troops on our soil;grounds for defeating Obama!!!!!!!!!!!

PatriotUSA said...

Outstanding post and why not more comments.

I am a bit stunned.

So I will be re-posting at my site with a link back to here with proper credits.

Superb, simply superb and Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, we're a little past the point of VOTING ourselves out of this mess. Tell me, which candidate is actually addressing the real things that need to stop, like the insane government promises that it can't pay, the incredible growth of the military and wars that cannot be won, the interest on the national debt that has been saddled onto our grandchildren (absent a revolution) to which we are borrowing to pay the interest NOW?

I won't even mention the rise of the police state, the abrogation of your God-given rights, and the insane and criminal free pass the government has given the banking criminals....


Sorry, but you fellows are'd better spend less time at the keyboard and more time at the firing range...I wonder if your zeros are even on....this nation is in uncharted waters and VOTING will not make a damn bit of difference at this point. Maybe you can learn about exponents and how we are doomed, just by the mathematics of it all.

Go have a meeting and light your Bic lighters...that's about as much as your vote will accomplish.