Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Thoughts On The Final Debate

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Thoughts On The Final Debate: HayRide
Dem Graveyard Whistling Choir Ignores ‘Preference Cascade’: RSM
Report: Obama Recognizes Iran’s Right to Go Nuclear: Breitbart

Obama Campaign Backpedaling on Obama Sequester Promise: Beacon
Presidential Debate #3: Mitt Vs. Obama on Foreign Policy: Hawkins
Krauthammer: 'It's Unequivocal, Romney Won': WS

Libya and Lies: Sowell
First, Aid the Living: Bing West
Mittmentum: New Ohio Polls Better Than They Appear: NRO


Obama Challenges Us to Look Up Romney’s Op-Ed, So I Do: Patterico
Obama’s (Un)American Auto Bailout: Malkin
Obama Stimulus Funding Goes Abroad, Outsources Jobs: NewAm

Pension Showdown Brewing in California: Mead
U.S. Government's Foreign Debt Now $47,495 Per Household: CNS
Western World in 'Colossal Mess' in 5-10 Years: Marc Faber: CNBC

Scandal Central

Donate-gate is Growing: Instapundit
Barack Obama and the Harvard Years: Blaze
Biden Corruption – Biden’s Brother gets $100 Million Government Contract: VA Right


This Is What a Blue State Looks Like: Rally for Nudity in SF: Zombie
Anti-Romney Yard Sign Thieves Beat Wis Senator’s Son to a Pulp on his Front Lawn: MBT
President Obama’s Top Ten Apologies: Foundry (2009)

Climate & Energy

Yes, The World Really Did Stop Warming 16 Years Ago: Cove


Uh Oh. The New York Times Goes Critical With Front-Page Libya Report on Debate Day: AmPower
The bias of Bob Schieffer: Top 7 moments: Malkin
Two Krugmans In One: NRO

Politico Beclowns Itself Yet Again, Pitches Obama's Foreign Policy Strengths: BizzyBlog
DWS Destroyed by…Glenn Greenwald: RS
Leftist Thug Threatens Me After I Photograph His Crude Obama Sign: AmPerspective

Focus-Grouped Romney Edges Disdainful Obama: Geraghty
CNN poll: More debate watchers likely to vote for Mitt Romney than Obama: FAM
Brit Hume: On Average US Polls Are Weighted Seven Points For Obama: GWP


“A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House”: ProWis
Reminder: Who is White House visitor Hisham al Talib?; plus: 2 must-watch Benghazi videos: Malkin
Report: Islamist radicals find warm welcome in Obama White House: DC

Mr. President, Let Me Introduce You to the Men Who Fought the Taliban from Horseback: Sundries
Awesome: Alabama House Leader Moves To Block UN Poll Watchers From Operating In His State: WZ
Jimmy Carter Claims Israel Creating ‘Catastrophic’ Situation With Palestinians: CBS DC

REMINDER: Obama holding national security ‘hostage’ to ‘blackmail Republicans into raising taxes’: DC
Romney slams Obama’s ‘apology tour’ of Arab world: Times of Israel
The Apology Tour Continues: Obama, Clinton Say “Sorry” to Rioting Pakistanis: Foundry


Obama Gets Military Tech All Wrong in Debate: Breitbart
Facebook wants Open Graph language to ‘feel natural,’ represent actual behavior: InsideFacebook
Rare Jobs documentary highlights early days of NeXT: AppleInsider


Last Vote: Picture of Terminally Ill WWII vet, 93, casting ballot in Hawaii goes viral: Riehl
Family debate: father Mitt, mother Candy, and child Barack: Cube
World’s oldest survivor of Auschwitz death camp dies at the age of 108: WaPo

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QOTD: “Instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.” --Barack Obama's apology for America to France and Europe