Monday, October 15, 2012

RUH ROH: Miami Herald Poll Has Obama Leading Romney 51-44 in FL...

...among likely Hispanic voters:

Mitt Romney is closing the gap on President Barack Obama among likely Hispanic Florida voters, a majority of whom say they’re not better off than four years ago, according to a new Florida International University/Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald poll.

Obama is ahead of Romney 51-44 percent among Hispanics, a relatively narrow lead that could spell trouble for a Democratic campaign that’s counting on minority support as non-Hispanic white voters flock to the Republican ticket in droves...

...Cuban-American voters, who are overwhelmingly Republican and who appear to be increasingly excited about Romney’s campaign.

“What’s remarkable is the demographic split in Florida: Puerto Rican and Dominican and other Hispanic voters trust Obama. Cubans just don’t,” said Eduardo Gamarra, an FIU professor of Latin American studies who conducted the poll with his political research firm, the Newlink Group.

I'm not in the prediction business, but if we all continue the full-court press -- marshaling our friends, family members and colleagues -- we are going to evict the current occupant of 1600 Penssylvania and install someone who actually believes in and supports the free market.

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