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BENGHAZI-GATE: Did two heroic SEALs ruin Obama's October Surprise? [UPDATED!]

Please see critical updates below

It's a conspiracy theory, to be sure, but "Kozy" asserts the Benghazi attack was an "October Surprise" gone awry thanks to two SEALs who weren't even supposed to be in Benghazi.

The scenario is both simple and plausible:

In June, Egyptian President Morsi pledged to secure the release of 'The Blind Sheikh', the extremist cleric responsible for the first World Trade Center attack.

Eager to accommodate Morsi and strengthen the U.S. relationship with Egypt, Obama's henchmen formulate a two-step cover story. The first step is a video that no one has seen, which was released in July.

Next, strip security from the Libyan Ambassador, despite pleas from a variety of quarters for more security, not less. In essence, remove any barriers to using the Ambassador as a hostage.

Back-channel communications between the White House and the Imam's legal representatives confirm that a swap can be achieved with a high-level hostage exchange. The Imam's cronies are informed that Ambassador Stevens has no security in Benghazi. So the Imam can be secured through a trade after capturing Stevens who doesn't even have a single bodyguard.

Had all gone according to plan, Stevens would be released just before the election; Obama would take credit for that and a newly strengthened relationship with Egypt and Morsi.

But what wasn't planned: two ex-SEALs named Doherty and Woods. They only happened to be in Benghazi because they were on a separate intel mission to locate surface-to-air missiles.

So the terrorists launch their attack believing that there is no security whatsoever. And they are surprised to find that two SEALs are not only fighting back, but killing them left and right. The resulting firefight transforms the terrorists' assault from a simple kidnapping into a murderous onslaught that cost all four Americans their lives.

Sure, it's a crazy, right-wing conspiracy theory. But add in the following observations:

Repeated denials for more security in Benghazi, despite requests from multiple quarters. No credible explanation has been offered for the removal of security by the White House or the State Department.

Leading up to 9/11 -- of all dates -- there was no special security posture ordered in diplomatic installations around the Middle East.

After the attack, a series of conflicting and morphing stories were offered by, among others, Ambassador Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jay Carney, David Axelrod, Joe Biden, etc.

Not only did the president go to sleep after getting word of the attack, but it appears he also refused security briefings in the aftermath of the attack, instead simply departing for a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

The theory being: the President didn't need to stay awake after hearing of the attack. He didn't need any briefings. He knew exactly what had happened.

Update 10/17/12: An alert commenter reminds of this bit of evidence, translated from Arabic by Walid Shoebat:

Video from Libya: ‘Don’t Shoot us! We were sent by Mursi’

Fast forward to the 1:15 mark in this video (if you don’t understand Arabic). Watch as the raw footage of a firefight in Benghazi is taking place. The news report loops the relevant portion of an exchange between gunmen, in which one can be heard, saying, ‘Don’t Shoot us! We were sent by Mursi’!

But, no. This is just some kind of crazy, whacked-out conspiracy theory. There's got to be a much better explanation for the Obama administration's removal of all of Ambassador Stevens' security, despite multiple pleas for more security. We just don't know what it is yet.

Update 10/26/12: Jennifer Griffin of Fox News reports that the SEAL operators were ordered to "Stand down" during the attack!

EXCLUSIVE: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say

Fox News has learned from sources who were on the ground in Benghazi that an urgent request from the CIA annex for military back-up during the attack on the U.S. Consulate and subsequent attack several hours later was denied by officials in the CIA chain of command -- who also told the CIA operators twice to "stand down" rather than help the ambassador's team when shots were heard at approximately 9:40 p.m. in Benghazi on Sept. 11...

...Former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were part of a small team who were at the CIA annex about a mile from the U.S. Consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team came under attack. When they heard the shots fired, they radioed to inform their higher-ups to tell them what they were hearing and requested permission to go to the consulate and help out. They were told to "stand down," according to sources familiar with the exchange. An hour later, they called again to headquarters and were again told to "stand down."

...[At midnight,] they called again for military support and help because they were taking fire at the CIA safe house, or annex. The request was denied. There were no communications problems at the annex, according those present at the compound. The team was in constant radio contact with their headquarters. In fact, at least one member of the team was on the roof of the annex manning a heavy machine gun when mortars were fired at the CIA compound. The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support from a Specter gunship, which is commonly used by U.S. Special Operations forces to provide support to Special Operations teams on the ground involved in intense firefights. The fighting at the CIA annex went on for more than four hours -- enough time for any planes based in Sigonella Air base, just 480 miles away, to arrive. Fox News has also learned that two separate Tier One Special operations forces were told to wait, among them Delta Force operators...

Read the whole thing. The Benghazi story gets more bizarre -- and more troubling -- by the day.

Hat tips: Wanda and MOTUS.


Anonymous said...

Farfetched but with this cowardly and illegal administration anything is possible. It also may help answer why was Stevens in Benghazi on that date, it would certainly have been much more difficult to try to kidnap him in Tripoli.

UpChuck.Liberals said...

This theory is 1000% more plausible than anything this illegal administration has come up with. With Clinton being another bump in the road things are going to be interesting. Her chance for running for President in 2016 is slipping away faster and faster.... bummer. :-)

Anonymous said...

That's quite a scenario, but I'm with Anon. When it comes to this administration, who knows. Doesn't quite explain the firepower avail and used for a simple kidnapping.

Heather said...

this makes total sense. it failed, over course, but then nothing the US Admin has done lately has succeeded.

Kidnapping the Ambassador, and trading the Blind Sheik for him, and shaking hands with the Egyptian president, well, that is the sort of plan that the Big Brains at the Top would think up, eh?

Unknown said...

this attack took place over the course of about 5 hrs and at 2 different locations....Ambassador Stevens was killed at the first location (the consulate) and the SEALs were killed at the second location (safe house) so Stevens was killed before they even encountered the SEALs

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Randolph: why would you believe the recently "leaked" scenario from the State Department?
This is fog--1.yesterday a claim of conflict between State and the White a back channel play by play of what happened at the consulate. We all understand revenge leaks and that gives them the ring of truth.
I don't buy it. HRC and the White House are working together. They're trying to sell this (partly true?) story line to get it under control.

Matthew W said...

Sorry, but too WAAAAYYYYY out there.

Anonymous said...

And the one question no one is asking?

Benghazi is known as one of the worst hot-spots in the Middle East having provided jihadists for both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why was Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, considering its reputation, on the most significant day for the jihadists, 9-11? What was so important in Benghazi that Stevens would go there on 9-11, knowing the risks and why didn't State advise him against it, considering the place was so bad that the State Department had issued travel warnings for Libya months ago?

Some one is moving the shells so we can't find the pea that is under one of them.

The_Bad said...

I blame Taft.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Crisis as a means Baby!!!

Benghazi is Operation Fast and Furious Arab style.

October surprise?
No doubt about it.

For the obama regime fear, the big lie, and willing dupes, are the psychological weapon of choice for the lefts statists totalitarian system of power. Make the people afraid. Get them to surrender their rights and liberty to a usurper president via false narratives and quickly transitioning memes through a complicit treasonous press, all under false flag instances of national crisis, and in the name of national security. And when enough have been suckered in to the lies and bullshit, finish off the few who aren’t afraid enough and those who have seen through the lies and propaganda.

What a bunch of clowns. Fucking fools, playing with fire they don't give a shit about the consequences of their crap.

Time to get rid of em, get rid of these traitors and treasonous son of a bitches, by any means necessary.

Anonymous said...

And to take away our freedom of speech under blasphemy laws as set forth by the U.N. & Clinton...

Required: The name used to sign your blog posts. said...

Not long before Hitler finds out:

No worries, we'll swap the blind dude for Stevens the last week of october and lock it up.

Mein Fuhrer, two SEALs ...

Two former SEALs were in Benghazi looking for stinger missiles.



A_Nonny_Mouse said...

This scenario would explain Walid Shoebat's claim from just after the Benghazi attack that one group of militants allegedly called to another "Don't shoot, Morsi sent us".

Shoebat also discredits the allegation that Nakoula is an Egyptian Copt and hints that the DOJ has (or HAD) been "running interference" for him.

So these two bits of information could be taken as supporting the "Obma October Surprise" theory. However, I'm still confused as to how the president of Egypt can "make stuff happen" (with any degree of certainty) in Libya.

Christoph Dollis said...

Loonie Tunes.

Heather said...

I still think this theory is plausible, given Obama's and the State Department's record of selling out American interests.

And as to Morsi/Egypt 'making things happen' in Libya: well, if not for the accidental appearance of the SEALS, all would have gone as planned. Libya is right next door to Egypt, and has oil which Egypt would really really want, and I expect Obama has offered to aid Egypt in placing Libya into its sphere of influence. After the Election, of course.

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys are embarrassing and quite disrespectful.

Order 227 said...

That would explain why the FBI did interview the members of the Libyan security team

Robohobo said...

The video account has been terminated by You Tube.

Can you say cover-up?

This is getting very weird.

Atreides said...

I'm more willing to believe in abject governmental incompetence, including in serious security matters, than a complicated and basically treasonous caper like wht's been outlined. There's some factual inaccuracies in the caper outline. such as "cost all four American lives." There were 20 consulate employees who got to continue living because the former SEALs (fully) engaged for two hours. Please see below from former Commander Divine,

Atreides said...

Boldly Into The Breach

This info below is from multiple sources - I did not write the text - but offer it because the story of Glen and Ty's courage needs to be shared. It is far different than the media account, which was misleading for a variety of reason - to include confusion about what really happened and, most importantly, a lack of transparency for OPSEC reasons as to the role Glen and Ty had in Lybia which placed them at the compound at the time of the attack.

Regardless of what is reported in our largely inaccurate media, truth eventually surfaces. In this case the truth is a story worthy of telling and re-telling. Glen was a friend and coach for us at SEALFIT. He is, quite simply, a modern Spartan with the same spirit as the 300 warriors who fought to their death at Thermapole to save Greece. He lived and died as a warrior and neither I, nor my SEAL comrades, were surprised that he and Ty ran toward the sound of guns. It is what true warriors do. Glen died an honorable death, saving many lives in the process. For that I am eternally grateful. I am also humbled in the face of such a selfless act, inspired to live up to their example in life.

The next Kokoro Camp is now the "Glen Doherty memorial Kokoro Camp" and we will honor a hero each time we meet in San Diego to merge our hearts and minds in action at Kokoro. Hooyah Glen and Ty!

--Mark Divine, Founder SEALFIT &

President Obama implied in his Weekly Address that Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were part of Ambassador Christopher Steven’s security detail:

“Glen and Tyrone had each served America as Navy SEALs for many years, before continuing their service providing security for our diplomats in Libya. They died as they lived their lives — defending their fellow Americans, and advancing the values that all of us hold dear.

-President Obama (Weekly address)

Sounds good, the only problem is this statement is a total fabrication. Yes, they were both former Navy Seals, but neither Tyrone nor Glen were part of the Ambassadors official security detail.

No. The truth is: they heard the attack, they heard the gunfire, and despite the danger to themselves they rushed into the breach taking weapons from the frightened Libyan security officials to help protect the American Consulate, Ambassador Stevens and his embassy aide Sean Smith.

Both Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were under no obligation to assist, protect or defend Stevens. They could have bugged out, they didn't….. They ran into the breach. It was, and is, an important enough distinction such that two U.S. officials quickly wanted to tell the truth. They told the Guardian:

[...] they feared the Obama administration’s scant description of the episode left a mis-impression that the two ex-Navy SEALs might have been responsible for the ambassador’s personal safety or become separated from him.

“Woods and Doherty weren't part of the detail, nor were they personally responsible for the ambassador’s security, but they stepped into the breach when the attacks occurred and their actions saved others lives — and they shouldn’t be lumped in with the security detail,” …..

Atreides said...

Boldly Into the Breach (cont'd)

According to what scant actual information is available the former seal team members, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, appear to have been in Libya because they were contracted by another intelligence office to track down the missing surface-to-air missiles from the initial rebel uprising.

During the Gadaffi overthrow massive stockpiles of Libyan weapons including MANPADS and other surface to air missiles were looted from the military storage facilities. Estimates put the number of missing missiles around 20,000.

It appears Doherty and Woods were in Libya to track down those weapons. As a consequence of their visit they were crashed at an annex to the US consulate grounds using it as a safe place to meet, coordinate, and evaluate their ongoing intel. Their location was approximately a half mile from the main consulate compound area.

They were inside an annex building when the main consulate complex came under attack from the Libyan al-Qaeda terrorists. They heard the distant shots and responded to a call for help from the compound itself. Both Woods and Doherty evaluated the assassination attempt, and immediately took up arms to defend Ambassador Stevens.

Their heroism is incredible when you consider what they were facing. Doherty and Woods reached the main compound of the Consulate and evacuated approximately 20 employees. Unfortunately, Ambassador Steven’s aide Sean Smith was already dead when they arrived. Woods and Doherty fought through the firefight, and took the consulate employees back to the annex building where again they came under another wave of attacks.

Between the initial firefight at the Main Consulate, and at the annex building, for over two hours they were able to fight back against approximately 200 al-Qaeda terrorists, who pre-planned and coordinated the attack to occur in two stages.

The second wave of attacks at the annex brought even more firepower upon them. Yet they held their position providing time for the 20 consulate employees to be rescued. In total for over two hours they held off upwards of 200 attackers, under heavy fire from RPGs, mortars, and at least one 23mm Anti Aircraft gun firing on their position(s) around the consulate grounds and the annex building.

Redwine said...

I thought so. This makes complete sense. Why would a stupid, obscure, badly produced anti-Mohammad video posed in July cause this furor? There are lots of anti-Mohammad videos on YouTube. Given the regime's concocted Fast&Furious scheme targeting the Second Amendment, I wouldn't put it past them.

Blake said...

There was an update at one of the sites: "UPDATE: Ashraf Ramaleh advised of a translation correction: The person is speaking in Arabic (Libyan dialect) and saying the following, “Don’t shoot them. They were sent by Dr. Morsi.”

Anonymous said...

That Wiki page says that the video was broadcast for the first time on Sept. 9, on Egyptian TV. That seems almost too coincidental - the vid had been out since July, but nobody heard of it until Sept. 9 when it was broadcast by an Islamic government.

That would explain why the Administration was so quick to blame it on the video - they already had their script for this story.

And they've even rounded up a main witness - the guy who allegedly made the video - and sequestered him away from the media.

I have never believed in a conspiracy theory, but everything here lines up too perfectly.

Unknown said...

I believe it is absolutely plausible. If you consider the flak Romney got for speaking up about Cairo, consider that the White House talking heads tried to downplay what happened by slamming Romney's critique of the events. It is possible that the White House had all the responses scripted and when things went wrong they decided to use the scripts as written with a few modifications and to ad-lib as the opportunities presented. That is why there was no reference to it being a planed terrorist attack. Why this seem so out there to some, while 911 as a conspiracy by Bush is so believable is beyond me.

Ryan said...

If true, Obama doesn't just deserve Impeachment and Removal from Office, but to term out the remainder of his life in prison... at the very least.

Anonymous said...

I have been commenting on this theory ever since I first read it. It is pretty " out there" except for the fact that we know the perpetrators only too well. With this administration, anything is possible. Most recently, Sad Sack Panetta tried to tell the viewers that there was not enough information to act upon as it happened. He also mentioned Dempsy and I don't recall right now who the other name was. They are probably going to take the fall. My only question there is where will they get another guy of similar bent to replace the COS who is in the pocket of Obammy. Nah, there are probably lots more. By the way, don't forget there is still a mole @ state, Hummmaaaa, sitting on Hils lap and she has very strong ties to the MB ( her mama and her bro). Something is very rotten in DC. We better fumigate now

Anonymous said...

In support of the idea that the two Seals were there tracking down SAM s, there was, in the port of Benghazi at the time of the attack a Libyan cargo ship with " humanitarian aid " and a number of SAM 7 missiles aboard. Doesn't prove anything but it sure fits in with the story. On the other hand, Glenn Beck puts forth that the reason for Stevens presence in Benghazi was regarding an arms deal including SAM 7s via the Turks, and involving a shipment out of Benghazi. He postulates it was an arms deal gone bad. In this case, nothing new, Obama, Holder, Hillary are old hands at fast and furious arms deliveries, in this case rather than Mexican, it is Benghazi style. Who could believe it had anything to do with a video?

Anonymous said...

Ironically, a "Yes" order would have made Obama a hero in the eyes of the American people. Doing the honorable thing and defending Americans is always a popular move amongst we bitter clingers.

I would not be surprised to learn that the whole episode was part of a nefarious plan to enhance Obama's re-election prospects. I would be even less surprised to learn that (1) he could not alter a plan gone awry to turn it to his advantage (where's that much-vaunted flexibility now, huh?), and (2) doing the honorable thing and reaping the rewards never once occurred to this most dishonorable creature.

Anonymous said...

And why was Stevens taken to the Hospital instead of dragged thru that streets like Jihadist usually do. Because they wanted him alive for the exchange.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, who brings mortars to a kidnapping where they don't expect any serious resistance?

The thesis self-refutes itself.

directorblue said...

@anon - hey, einstein: how do you think they intended to take out the guardhouse and frontgate? ring the doorbell and say "candygram"?

tactics would dictate, as well, that mortars could be used to drive residents of the facility to the back gate, where other insurgents had been prepositioned...

...and you can guess why.

Le said...

It only stands to reason as stated...if just an attack the CIA would not have asked for the seals to stand down....and the yerrorists would have killed n behead Stevens to show us instead of trying to get him saved at the just makes too much sense.

Anonymous said...

Works nicely with the early reports of the attacker/kidnappers trying to save him... apparently commenting as such in the video (not confirmable by me).

Not trying to add fuel to the conspiracy fire but "hmmmm..." makes ya wonder.

Anonymous said...

Fast forward, May 2014 and this is still as viable an explanation as any. There must be a damned good reason for all the Obama obstruction. Never, EVER in our nation's history have our people been left behind, allowed to be slaughtered without lifting a finger of help.
I keep thinking of Woods and Doherty, as they drew their last breaths, knowing how betrayed they were by the country they dedicated themselves to.

Anonymous said...