Monday, October 15, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Bob Woodward Slams Obama's Benghazi Lies

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Bob Woodward Slams Obama's Benghazi Lies: AmSpec
Hillary Strikes Back; Attaches Susan Rice to WH Mess: ConTree
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Libya Fallout Gives Rise to Obama-Clinton Feud: Breitbart
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Ohio Coal Miners to Obama: Quit Lying About Us!: GWP
Pictures from Barack Obama's debate camp: TPC
Real Unemployment Is 14.7%, And a Recession's Coming: Forbes

Another CEO asks employees to vote for Romney to save their jobs: Blaze
FL public schools setting ethic-based academic goals: JW
CEOs warn employees of layoffs if Obama is reelected: Yahoo!

Scandal Central

After the Benghazi attack: "A mission accomplished moment": Althouse
Elizabeth Warren obtained federal fee waivers despite high 6-figure income and 8-figure net worth: LI
Axelrod says W.H. unaware of Libya security requests: Politico

Climate & Energy

No Global Warming For Sixteen Years - But The War On CO2 Continues: Wolf Howling
Obama: Carbon Eating Our Planet: LoneCon
Farm Bureau wins right to join suit against EPA: NaturalResource

Obama Campaign Confronts Coal Miners With Lies: RS
Oops! Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals quietly released report: Riehl
California, a grand plan to rein in climate change: NYT


Big Three Networks’ Evening News Shows Suffering Significant Erosion From 2008: BizzyBlog
That So-Called Racist Mitt Romney 'Dog-Whistle' T-Shirt is Almost Certainly Photoshopped: AmPower
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NY Times Reporter: The Crowds Romney Is Getting Are ‘Obama-Sized’ Crowds From 2008: GWP
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David Axelrod, call your physician. NOW.: Moe Lane

ABC Censors Spike Characters Calling Obama a Communist on Tim Allen Sitcom: NB
Barack Obama: Whiner-In-Chief: RS
TSA nightmares: Dana Loesch tweets another outrageous account of harassment: Twitchy


State Department: We're Too Dumb to Understand Obama's Libya Explanation: Breitbart
Don't risk Israel's security on Obama's words: Adelson
Vaginas and Imams: TAB

Iran and U.S. in Undeclared State of War: Mead
Obama Administration Abandoned Our Citizens in Libya.: HillBuzz
10,000 Muslims at Google's London offices demand removal of Muhammad video: JihadWatch

Exposed: US Soldiers Told They Are Fighting For Afghan People, Not For U.S.: Loudon
Dearborn Cops Harass Man for Flying Israeli Flags: Atlas
US exports to Iran rise nearly one-third despite sanctions: JPost


Amazing Aurora: Best Images From NASA’s Suomi Satellite: Wired
'Fearless Felix' lands safely on Earth after what could be first supersonic skydive: Post
Useful Fireworks Techniques And Features For Large Design Teams: Smashing


Children's Plastic Army Men Revised for Progressive New Age: Cube
The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised: MOTUS
Conservatives sign the faces of checks. Liberals sign the backs of them.: Cube

Image: Obama's Real Unemployment Rate Is 14.7%, And A Recession's On The Way
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: 5 Things You Can Do On Election Day to Help Defeat Obama

QOTD: "[SNL's] “Cold Open” sketch (the one that comes before the show’s opening credits) was devoted to the Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan VP debate that happened this week in Danville, Kentucky at Centre College. If you remember what happened in the actual debate, Joe Biden made a complete ass of himself, interrupting Paul Ryan something like 87 times; Biden also made bizarre faces throughout the debate that I felt made him look like The Joker as portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the first Michael Keaton Batman film back in the 80s. Biden laughed when talking about an Iranian nuclear weapon, the obliteration of Israel, and the deaths of American troops and embassy staff in Libya. He was unserious, caustic, and at times, deranged. Paul Ryan was polite, professional, and serious — even when being repeatedly interrupted and cut off by both Biden and moderator Martha Raddatz." --Kevin DuJan


Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention:

Pictures from Barack Obama's debate camp: TPC


Anonymous said...

State Dept. downgraded security in Libya before deadly attack, ex-officer claims
Source: The Washington Post, Oct 10 2012, 10:34am CDT

State Dept. acknowledges rejecting requests for more security in Benghazi

The State Department acknowledged Wednesday that it rejected appeals for more security at its diplomatic posts in Libya in the months before a fatal terrorist attack in Benghazi as Republicans suggested that lapses contributed to the deaths of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.

Obama has the ultimate responsibility for the downgraded security in Benghazi.