Sunday, October 28, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Benghazi bungle requires act of urgent political hygiene

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Benghazi bungle requires act of urgent political hygiene: Steyn
Benghazi-Gate: Was General Ham fired after ordering rescue?: ProWis
Barack Obama: Soft on Rapists: RS

They Found Him Slumped Over His Machine Gun…: Babalu
Obama's Job Approval Drops 7 Points in 3 Days: CNS
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Presidential Performance Review: Williamson
W.H.: Obama Didn't Nix Rescue Force For Benghazi: Ace
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This election is really about Obama's failed leadership, economy: IBD
Vandals key “OBAMA” on cars near home with Romney signs, but...: IHTM
Marines, police prep for mock zombie invasion: Fox

Romney Can Get the Job Done: RWN
Doctors Fear Government Trap: NoisyRm
'Frankenstorm' Could Have Severe Impact on Major Cities: CNBC

Scandal Central

OH Early Voting 'Dominance' for Obama: Bogus: Breitbart
Lt. Gen. Mcinerney on Benghazi: Whoever gave the “stand down” order is responsible for killing ambassador: Scoop
Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Sources tell me Obama was in the room watching Benghazi attack: Scoop

Climate & Energy

Did Barack Obama Intentionally Mislead KUSA’s Kyle Clark About ‘Abound Solar’?: RS
Hurricane Sandy threat launches mass evacuations on East Coast: Times
Millions across East Coast brace for 'Superstorm' Sandy: Fox


Blog 538 on Ohio: Volokh
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@DanRiehl Update 27 October 2012: RSM
"I Pledge to Serve Barack Obama" (Urgent 2012 Election Update): Reason
Obama dips below 50 percent in new Pa. poll: Hill

The Democrats' Civil War Begins on November 7th: HillBuzz
Emotional Pat Caddell on the MSM ignoring Benghazi: “These people have no honor!”: Scoop
Madonna booed after touting Obama in La. Concert: AP


Palestinians fire 3 Grads, 2 Kassams at Israel: JPost
David Axelrod's Communist Ties Exposed: RSM
Saudi authorities disperse anti-Assad protest in Mecca: JPost


Microsoft Surface Review: The PC of the Future Needs More Apps: Techland
10 tell-tale signs that your website may need a redesign: NextWeb
Steve Ballmer’s Dilemma: Cringely


Stewardess!!?!!: iOTW
It’s 3:00 AM, Barry’s Asleep? Hey, he’s got a fundraiser in Vegas in the morning!: MOTUS
Famed trainer Emanuel Steward dies: ESPN

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QOTD: "Why would Obama and Biden [decline to give the order to save Benghazi]? Because to launch a military operation against an al-Qaida affiliate on the anniversary of 9/11 would have exposed the hollowness of their boast through convention week and the days thereafter – that Osama was dead, and al-Qaida was finished. And so Ty Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Chris Stevens were left to die, and a decision taken to blame an entirely irrelevant video and, as Secretary Clinton threatened, "have that person arrested." And, in the weeks that followed, the government of the United States lied to its own citizens as thoroughly and energetically as any totalitarian state, complete with the midnight knock-on-the-door from not-so-secret policemen sent to haul the designated fall guy into custody." --Mark Steyn

Bonus QOTD: "Under your management, violent crime is up 18 percent — the first such increase in 20 years. Your “Fast and Furious” project has caused serious damage to the balance sheet: one dead federal officer, more than a hundred dead civilians, a seriously cheesed-off next-door business partner, and zero cartel convictions — the lattermost being, if I understand your business strategy, the whole point of this mess. Your performance reports here have been remarkably obstructive, which is why you should have on our advice terminated Eric Holder." --Kevin D. Williamson

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