Saturday, October 27, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Ten Times Bigger than Watergate: Proof the President Lied About Benghazi?

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Bigger than Watergate: Proof the President Lied About Benghazi?: BlackFive
Benghazi: Risk Aversion Results In A Complete Operational Failure: Howling
Damage Control: White House Briefing Room Goes Dark: Dossier

Latest Sign Obama Heading for Defeat: Times
October surprise: Obama’s killing Democratic House prospects.: Moe Lane
Wisconsin: Romney 49, Obama 49: Hot Air

Obama Refuses Answer When Asked if Help Denied During Attack: Sooper
Obama Seeking Alternative Path to 270 Without... Ohio: Reaganite
Father of Slain SEAL, New Report Raise Questions About Benghazi: Tapper

Watch Your Kids Around Obama Says NY PR Firm Owner: RWN
Part I: Obama optimism: why it is unfounded: Krumm
Don’t Count Mourdock Out!: Morris


It's the Obonomy, Stupid!: Spengler
Average GDP Growth Less than Half of What Obama Predicted: WS
Rite-Hite owner warns employees of risks of voting Obama: JSOnline

Scandal Central

Klein: Docs Show Obama Overruled Clinton, Denied Benghazi Security: RCP
SLEAZE: Claire McCaskill's Husband Cut Tax Credit Deals Made in Senate Dining Room: MagNote
Ex-SEAL’s Father: Hillary Blamed the Movie: Commentary

Climate & Energy

Sandy and New Jersey: Hurricane Watch: EBL
Airline Crisis Survival Guide: Musings
Approaching megastorm threatens East Coast: AP


Election in twelve days! The economy is awful! (And CNN is ripping Obama!): RS
Team O’s Jewish woes: Pos
David Letterman Audience Wants Obama To Release College And Passport Records: Western

Swingometer: Gallup Party ID figures predict solid Romney win: RS
Biden Aide’s Tell-All Pretty Much What You’d Expect: NRO
Man Who Raises Massive Amounts Of Campaign Cash Whines About Others With Campaign Cash: Cove

Late Friday Free-For-All: Nice Deb
Romney flips voters, editorial boards with economic message: Hot Air
Instead of Exposing Libya Bombshell, ABC Hypes 'Mystery Monkey' and Yawning Dogs: NB


Obama still lying; He Knew Within Minutes: AT
Welcome to the Age of Hell: Entrenching Murder as the American Way: Floyd
Detroit Jews Smarten Up: Matzav


Some Guy Bought the Data of 1.1 Million Facebook Users for Just 5 Bucks: Gizmodo
Car hits 220 MPH on new Texas highway: Fox
High Hopes for Windows 8? Nope, Microsoft Is About to Bomb! Says Jackson: Yahoo!


Say a Prayer for Dan Riehl: Instapundit
Dan Riehl Update: RSM
If your first time was with Obama in 2008, you can look at Romney as the penicillin you now desperately need: IMAO

Still Thinking About Voting for Obama?: NoisyRm
Lena Dunham: Your First Time: GWP
Ouch: Instapundit

Image: Evil Blogger Lady
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QOTD: "... it is a rare thing these days to encounter a Democrat who is both honest and intelligent.

It has become a party of fools misled by clever liars, and the factual deficiencies of The Plan won't dissuade any Democrat who still believes in the rainbows-and-unicorns fantasy of Obama the Lightworker.

We've come to expect such delusions among the intelligentsia. What is astonishing is that any ordinary man could still be such a fool." --Robert Stacy McCain

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