Monday, October 15, 2012

NOW IS THE TIME WHEN WE JUXTAPOSE: See if you can tie together these two seemingly unrelated stories

Obama Admin Bans Drilling On 11.5 Million Acres Of National Petroleum Reserve

Didn’t President Obama promise to make the United States energy independent? Doesn’t he claim to favor an “all of the above” energy policy? Well, the actions of his administration speak louder than his words.

The latest is the move by the Interior Department to shut off 11.5 million acres of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska from drilling.

As gas prices soar, city cycling more attractive

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — ...Statewide, Californians are increasingly pumping air into the flat tires on their dusty old bikes instead of gas into their tanks. Recent historic spikes in gas prices are expected to stay high, forcing many to look at their gas guzzling minivans and SUVs in a new light. ... "Historically there have been spikes whenever gas prices rise, but with the past gas spike, we sustained our ridership; that was breaking the cycle," Coffelt said regarding an earlier spike in 2012.

... Short drives account for 37 percent of all car trips, and use a lot of fuel. "Take any given point in the city and draw a one-mile radius around it, and you've got 10,000 people who live within that radius. Our focus is really on those short bike trips ... to the grocery store and to get the kids to school," Crawford said.

"The question is: How do we get people out of the mindset of getting into their car?"

Pictured above: other countries that have transitioned to bicycles as their most advanced form of transportation, including Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, and Red China.

Under Democrat leadership, America is provably de-industrializing itself by locking away access to our own vast energy reserves. Democrats are slowly and inexorably turning America into a third-world country.

We deserve better. We deserve a president who actually understands energy and jobs.


Bones said...

It's much easier to prevent marches on Washington if the government controls all the transportation.

Katielee4211 said...

Oh, he understands. And is deliberately destroying it pur infrastructure.