Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: White House Informed Of Militant Claim Two Hours After Benghazi Attack

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White House Informed Of Militant Claim Two Hours After Benghazi Attack: CJ
A State Of The Race Report for 10/24/2012: Hawkins
Texas Attorney General warns OSCE on Election Observations: RS

Romney’s Brilliant Maneuver: Dossier
Democratic Polling Firm PPP: Romney 49, Obama 47: Ace
It Wasn't Just an Apology Tour, It Was a Condemnation Tour!: EIB

Dirty Tricks, Part 5,034: LoneCon
Obama's Pathetic Debate Performance: Malor
An Open Letter to Obama On "Stage 3 Romnesia": Gormogons


Obama Slashes Four Hours Off Definition of "Full-Time" Employment: Mish
Bob Woodward: Obama 'mistaken' on sequester: Politico
What happens when a party takes you for granted, DC Democrats.: Lane

Scandal Central

The Benghazi Smoking Gun?: Wizbang
Reporter Asking Questions Threatened by Eric Holder’s Bodyguard: Adams
Michelle: Killing Half-Born Child 'Legitimate Medical Procedure': First Things

Climate & Energy

Hockeystick Climatologist Michael Mann Sues CEI, National Review for Defamation: Reason
Bankrupt A 123 Systems Wants to Pay Bonuses to Top Execs: Breitbart
EPA, Justice Impose Regulations Through Court Settlements: FreeEnt


Obama’s Pity Party Begins: “Michelle and I will be fine no matter what happens”: JWF
Megyn Kelly: Media in spin room laughed and applauded at Obama’s “bayonets” line: Hot Air
Rob Schneider: "As a Liberal, As a Democrat, There's No Way I Can Support Barack Obama Again": Ace

Biden's Brother Awarded Lucrative Gov't Contracts: Media Silent Thus Far: NB
2008 Called. It Wants to Know What Happened to Barack Obama.: Gawker
Obama tries a little cancer humor, because cancer is hilarious: Events

Obama Crashing in Ohio; or, For the Love of Mercy, Leave Nate Silver Alone!: AmPower
New Ad: ‘Obama has secured the Dictator Vote. Does he have yours?’: NoisyRm
Even Slate’s Feminist Blog Finds The ‘Binders’ Meme Stupid: CDN

The Cult Of Barack Obama’s Presidency: Mataconis
Obama off-the-record comments deserve to be shared with voters: Des Moines Register
Rezko, Obama, and the Nadhmi Auchi Railroad (Part I): ILP2P


UK Police Arrest Top Anti-Muslim Activists – Throw Leader in Islamic Wing of Prison: GWP
United Nations Election Observer Details Revealed: Tatler
International Intrusion Into The U.S. Presidential Election: CFP

Democratic Surrogates Scatter When Asked About Obama's Kill List: Breitbart
Obama Has Massive Lead in Global Poll: WS
Slashing America's Defense: A Suicidal Trajectory: Max Boot (1/2012)


Memoto camera wants to capture your life -- every 30 seconds: Tuaw
Piracy Warnings Kick in for AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon Customers: DailyTech
Microsoft: Windows 8 Shows Why Steve Ballmer Must Go, And Why That Is A Buying Opportunity: Seeking Alpha


He’s not really one of us: MOTUS
Redistributing Hats to the Ignorant in Dayton: ushanka
Trumped-Up Charges? Republicans Rejected Man’s Claims That Obama Sold Cocaine In College: Radar

Image: Donald Trump to reveal ‘divorce papers of Michelle and Barack Obama’
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QOTD: "...Speaking of Fox and last night’s debate, it ended up being the highest-rated program in the network’s history, slightly ahead of their audience for the Palin/Biden debate in 2008. Total television viewers according to Nielsen’s preliminary estimate were 53.9 million, which is predictably way off the pace of the first and second debates. Too much competition last night with the NLCS and “Monday Night Football” and likely not enough interest in foreign policy. It may also be that low-information voters decided they didn’t need a third look at Romney. He killed in the first debate and was perfectly acceptable in the second, so he’d already cleared the bar of viability. And he knew it, which is why he was playing prevent defense..." --Allahpundit

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Today’s version of ”It really sucks to be a Socialist in the National Democratic Party”

Given what we know now about Benghazigate, our dear leader could have acted in real time and tried to protect our people on the ground.

Instead he acted like the celebrity candidate and had bigger priorities – getting to bed to get up early to go to a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

Instead of acting like a leader, he shirked his duties.

He could have been 15 points ahead of Romney in the polls – although he would have had to have answered for his negligence in protecting the Benghazi embassy in the first place – but people would have looked past that IF he had taken action during that attack.


Re-elect Barack Hussein Obama?


The man should turn in his resignation as a national disgrace.