Friday, October 19, 2012


It would seem that the only things President Obama concerns himself with are politics and personal recreational pursuits. You know, like golf and pickup basketball.

These facts were reinforced by Obama's latest appearance on The Daily Show, during which he described the Benghazi attack -- that claimed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three American personnel by Al Qaeda -- as "not optimal".

The mother of an American diplomat killed during a terrorist raid on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi has hit out at Barack Obama for describing the attack as 'not optimal', saying: 'My son is not very optimal - he is also very dead.'

During an interview shown on Comedy Central, Obama responded to a question about his administration's confused communication after the assault by saying: 'If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal... It was a disrespectful thing to say and I don't think it's right.

'How can you say somebody being killed is not very optimal? I don't think the President has the right idea of the English language.'

Speaking from her home in San Diego, Mrs Smith, 72, continued: 'It's insensitive to say my son is not very optimal - he is also very dead. I've not been "optimal" since he died and the past few weeks have been pure hell... I am still waiting for the truth to come out and I still want to know the truth. I'm finally starting to get some answers but I won't give up... There's a lot of stupid things that have been said about my son and what happened and this is another one of them.

...She told Anderson Cooper last week that top officials had told her 'outright lies', adding: 'Everyone of them, all the big shots over there told me - they promised me, they promised me that they would tell me what happened... I told them, please don't give me any baloney that comes through with this political stuff... I don't want political stuff. You can keep your political, just tell me the truth - what happened. And I still don't know.'

Plain and simple: it's a cover-up. The CIA has stated that it informed the Administration within 24 hours that the murder of the four Americans was an act of terror. Yet three days later, the President began his lies about the video being responsible.

"Fog of War", my ass.

As an aside, the prime suspect in the Benghazi attack is hanging around publicly in restaurants, chilling, shooting the breeze and mocking America.

I will say it again: my blood is boiling. This administration needs to go.


The_Bad said...

"This administration needs to go to jail."


directorblue said...

Eh, good point.