Monday, October 22, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Campaign is Like a Chicken With its Head Cut Off

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Obama Campaign is Like a Chicken With its Head Cut Off: RS
They Hung Chris Stevens Out to Dry: Giles
When desperation strikes incumbents: Hot Air

Justice Ginsburg Denies Racial Component to Abortion Comments: Breitbart
Hey, Where’s Nakoula?: Lady Liberty
Ohio: Portrait of a State in Flux: RCP

Drones Recorded Benghazi Attack: Officials Did Nothing: MagNote
Optimal Binders Full of Fail: RWN
Obama's agenda at odds with founders: StarTribune


Will four more years of trickle-down government help middle class?: Reagan
The President's Poster Children: CFIF
Pssst: Taxes go up for 163 million workers in 2013: AP

Scandal Central

Obama campaign accepted foreign Web donation -- and may be hiding more: Post
The Three Benghazi Timelines We Need Answers About: WSJ
Michelle Obama named in illegal "patient dumping" scheme: NewsReal (2009)

Climate & Energy

Obama's war on coal will help him lose Virginia: AmSpec
BOOM: Confirmation of ‘Global warming stopped 16 years ago’ aka ‘the pause’: Watts
Tata Nano: The $3,500 car with 37 HP and a 4-gallon gas tank is coming to the U.S.: VenBeat


Keeping track of switched endorsements: 10/21/2012.: Moe Lane
Fluke, OFA fail in pics: If you hold a rally and no one shows up, does it make a sound?: Twitchy
Nate Silver is Under Suicide Watch: Libertarian Republican

Demoralized as Hell: Editorial Reversal Edition: DTG
Wisconsin Shooting Rampage: Suspected Gunman Signed Scott Walker Recall Petition: RSM
CBS News affiliate calls 2012 presidential race for Barack Obama weeks ahead of election: DC

If Obama Wins, Will He Be Another Woodrow Wilson?: Barone
Gallup: Romney: 52 Obama: 45 – Phoenix... CBS Affiliate KPHO Control Room Glitch: Nice Deb
What If Crowley and Her Accomplices Succeed?: AmSpec


White House tries to cut al Qaeda from Libya story: Times
Obama's Last Stand: Sultan Knish
In Search of the Truth About Benghazi: Tribble News

Best Endorsement For Mitt Romney: Jawa
Caught on Tape: Egyptian President Morsi Joins in Prayer for Destruction of Israel: GWP
UN Warns Americans: Do Not Elect Mitt Romney: Breitbart

Iranian Regime: Obama Sent Secret Message Recognizing Our Nuclear Rights: GWP
Portman: Iran story looks like “another national security leak from the White House”: Hot Air
Rep. Rogers calls latest Libya intel disclosures ‘orchestrated defense’ of administration: Fix


Software solves burglary while Raleigh couple vacations in Aruba: WRAL
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: Windows 8 is ‘the end of Windows’: VenBeat
Brazilian press to Google News: pay up or leave our content alone: Ars Technica


Hillsdale College adds another amazing online learning tool: The Constitution Reader Online: Tribble News
What Didn’t He Know and When Didn’t He Know It?: MOTUS
It's like talkin' to Obama voters: Sondrakistan

Image: MOTUS
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QOTD: "The Obama campaign is desperate and scared. Desperate and scared campaigns, like animals. tend to lash out. We’re seeing signs of that now with the “binders full of women” nonsense among other things. The Obama campaign has made a near fatal — quite possibly fatal — mistake. The campaign has been run on what Barack Obama has done for people without barely a hint of what he will do in his second term. People want to vote for something. Obama has given them nothing to vote for — just reminders of a past that includes a whole lot of unemployment and a still deeply unpopular take over of the American healthcare system. At least there’s Big Bird and Sandra Fluke." --Erick Erickson

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