Monday, October 29, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Benghazi Story Refuses To Die, And It’s Hurting President Obama Badly

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The Benghazi Story Refuses To Die, And It’s Hurting The President: Mead
WH: ‘We Decline to Comment’ on What President Knew: CNS
Aide: Obama didn’t deny requests for help in Benghazi: Malkin

Accomplice Media, Three Years Later: R&R
Presidential Depraved Indifference: NoisyRm
McCain: Libya worst cover-up I've seen: Politico

Obama's Hope Fades in Virginia: AmSpec
Citing internal polls, Kasich predicts Romney win in Ohio: Newsmax
Mason-Dixon: Florida’s gone and thanks for playing, Barry: Moe Lane


ObamaCare – proving the critics right daily: Q&O
Why this libertarian is voting Romney, with enthusiasm: DoL
Ohio Democrats trash Dayton park at Obama-Biden rally: Lower the Boom

Scandal Central

What the Obama Administration does not want you to see: Gretawire
You Watched Them Die, Mr. President: Western Journalism
Comedian Rahm Emanuel: Obama 'Took Control' During Benghazi: JWF

Climate & Energy

The fraudulent Nobel Laureate: Steyn
Week in Review: Judith Curry
Romney reaps benefits of Obama backlash in coal counties: Hot Air

Apps and tips for coping with Hurricane Sandy: Tuaw
New York Mayor Orders Evacuation Of "Zone A" Residents: ZH
Keeping Up With Sandy on Twitter: AllThingsD


Hume: Mainstream Media ‘Remarkably Reticent’ to Pursue Benghazi Cover-Up: NB
Media Blackout: Aside from FOX, Sunday News Hosts Fail to Raise Benghazi: Breitbart
It Will Happen Again: Cary

Judge Jeanine Rips BHO Over Benghazi, And There Is A Larger Problem: RSM
Cutter Attacks Des Moines Register For Endorsing Romney: “Not Based At All In Reality”: WZ
Fired Up: Massive Romney Crowds Chant '10 More Days': Twitchy

Busted: Washington Post deletes all Hating Breitbart reviews again: LI
Pennsylvania & Minnesota in play?: GayPatriot
Obama Shows Photo ID To Vote: Alphecca

Obama Finished? Leftist ‘Main’stream Media Goes All-In For Mitt Romney: SHN
Stand Down Obama and Biden, Stand Down: AT
WaPo poll: Republicans ready to elect Mitt Romney!: RS


Obama Tried to Normalize Iran Relations: Israeli Paper: Tatler
AP Report: 150 Gunmen Involved In Benghazi Attack, Arrived In Trucks With Ansar Al-Sharia Logo: WZ
Beersheba schools closed as Grad rockets strike city: Hayom

Special Ops SLAM Obama: HillBuzz
Clinton Dept. of State Backing the Anti-Semitism Party in Ukraine?: Wizbang
“World is Becoming More Leftist” – Russian Communist Party Boss: Loudon


This Is Steve Jobs’ Yacht: Gizmodo
Real-life tractor beam developed at NYU: Ars Technica
Anonymous Is Going After Zynga For Mistreating Employees: TechCrunch


Lena Dunham: Your First Time: Token Libertarian Girl
Caption Contest: MB
Comparing the instincts of Mitt Romney to those of Barack Obama: Moe Lane

Image: Michael Ramirez
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Make Calls for Mitt Romney!

QOTD: "Stephen K. Bannon’s film “The Hope and the Change” is a very powerful force in this election…and would have an even bigger impact if we could get people to watch this movie who REALLY need to see it.

Let’s face it, the truly “undecided” and “Independent” votes out there are people who don’t read political websites. If they did, there’s no way they could really be “undecided” since they’d have more than enough information in front of them to conclude that Barack Obama does not deserve reelection.

The key to making this as big a win for Mitt Romney as possible is using the remaining days of this election to put “The Hope and the Change” in front of as many eyes as possible…particularly those people who tend to avoid politics and don’t know they can see the movie for free on right now..." --Kevin DuJan

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