Saturday, October 06, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Obama, Dems Almost Answerable to No One

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Obama, Dems Almost Answerable to No One: Anchoress
Another Obama Tape Surfaces: AmSpec
Obama Being Sent to Debate Camp Next Week: Powers

Obama Campaign Shifts Into Extreme Attack Mode: Dossier
PA Dem Refuses to Say Pledge of Allegiance: MenRec
NAACP Official: Obama Campaign Staffer Threatened Me: CBS Chicago

Obama’s Promotion of Racial Hatred Exposed: FPM
Bounce: Romney Surges in Ohio, Florida, Virginia: Benson
Joe Biden Analyzes the Debate: Hopenchange


Reaction to Chicago Jobs Numbers: Yeah, Right: Nice Deb
Why That 7.8% Unemployment Figure Is Raising Eyebrows: Ace
Why Today’s BLS Jobs Numbers Make No Sense: RS

Unemployment Rate Plummets to 4.3%... For Government Workers: Ace
CBO on Social Security: For Most, It Sucks: ZH
Welch: Obama Manipulates Jobs Number After Debate Disaster: Insider

Obama: 'We Don't Believe Anybody Is Entitled to Success in This Country': WS
1,035,000: Construction Jobs Lost Under Obama: CNS
Devastating Video: A Dinner Table All Too Common In The Obama Economy: LoneCon

Scandal Central

Email Shows State Department Rejecting Request of Security Team at US Embassy in Libya: ABC
Jack Welch Wasn’t Kidding, Explains Tweet Claiming Jobs Numbers Were Fixed By Obama Admin: Bruce
Obama Policy Encouraging Immigrants to Go on Public Dole: Volpe

Obama’s Untraceable Donations: Hundreds of Millions From Overseas? : MagNote
Florida officials investigate 2 Dem groups for vote fraud, one is La Raza: Riehl
Cancer, heart and stroke specialists face NHS ax: Guardian

Climate & Energy

Are Those High Gas Prices Ever Going To Come Down?: CBS Los Angeles


Krauthammer: Romney dissolved $150 million in negative ads and turned them to dust last night: Scoop
Former NBA Star Greg Anthony Endorses Romney; Left Responds With Its Usual Tact and Decorum: Scoop
PRESIDENTIAL: Ice-T offers President Obama debate advice: ‘No weed’ next time: Twitchy

Buzzfeed "Reporter's" Tweet: Romney Vehicle Passes Hill Flying Confederate Flag: Ace
Surprise! Unemployment Down to 7.8%; Yes, Economists & Others Are Calling Shenanigans: Bruce
An empty Obama chair on the cover of The New Yorker smells like … victory: LI

Jack Welch Refuses to Back Down on Unemployment Numbers in Fiery Debate With Chris Matthews: Blaze
Two Obama Aides Admit Being ‘Shell-Shocked’ and no one respects John Kerry: Riehl
Pew Research Center: Republicans More Knowledgeable Than Democrats (Again): CFIF


Benghazi: Obama’s end of watch: JPA
The Left's Only Enemy: Glick
Hyperinflation Hits Iran; Monthly 70% Inflation Rate; Reflections on Economic Warfare: Mish

Profs. on Mideast Turmoil: Blame America, Israel, and Free Speech: FPM
The Rape of America’s Ambassador to Libya: Ibrahim
North Korean soldier defects to South across land border: JPost


More evidence that Voyager has exited the solar system: Chron
Foxconn's iPhone plant 'paralyzed' as thousands strike: Report: EconomicTimes
A Democrat Orc Runs for Office?: Mellow Jihadi


Romney-Obama debate: a lost chapter of "Atlas Shrugged": Cube
Hitler Finds Out That Obama Lost the Debate: Zilla
Video: “A Good Day to Die Hard” trailer: Hot Air

Image: You'll Never Guess Who This Is...
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Pink-slip Sherrod Brown: Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "This country doesn’t just succeed when just a few are doing well at the top. It succeeds when the middle class gets bigger. Our economy doesn’t grow from the top down -- it grows from the middle out.

We don’t believe that anybody is entitled to success in this country.

But we do believe in opportunity. We believe in a country where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded, and everybody is getting a fair shot and everybody is doing their fair share and everybody is playing by the same rules." --Barack Obama

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