Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Mark Levin: Everyone should watch Obama's 2007 videotape: it is "an evil speech full of lies, hate, and racism"

Writing on his social media sites, attorney Mark Levin calls Barack Obama's 2007 speech "evil":

Simply put: this is an evil speech full of lies, hate, and racism.

I have never seen a president lower himself to this point. Pure demagoguery. Rather than dismiss or downplay this speech, as the big media and some foolish Republicans would have us do, everyone should watch it.

Obama is not fit, by temperament, psychology, or motive, to be leading this great nation.

We have it within our power, this November, to change course with our votes.

The city of New Orleans was not treated in some kind of discriminatory fashion. New York City and Miami are extremely diverse cities, just like New Orleans.

The federal government spent roughly $115 billion cleaning up New Orleans and surrounding areas. Does that sound like it got shortchanged?

This kind of divisive, demagogic behavior is reprehensible.

It's like we have President Sharpton in office.

America deserves better. America deserves a commander-in-chief, not a divider-in-chief.


QueMan said...

I tried listening to the first debate...and got very sick to my stomach hearing the blatant LIES from barry...and the debate has only been on 10 minutes!!!

Romney is being this is McCrud II!!!

God bless America and protect us from evil...because we have no other savior on Earth!!!

Stan Burton said...

Obama voted against paying for Katrina. He must hats black people.

QueMan said...

What the HELL Stan???

Is this the time we need RACIST statements like yours??? America is in trouble and you decide to put in a bit more! But then again I believe you are a obot for the zero one!

You better learn to get a life...because if your messiah gets back in we all will be trying to get a life!!!