Wednesday, October 10, 2012

REPARTEE: Obama promises that, in the next debate, he'll think of clever digs twice as fast and won't be nearly as genteel

Which you can translate to, in the next debate, the president promises to be more petulant, more annoying, and even more flexible with the facts than usual:

...the exact line from the ABC article was “President Obama says he was “just too polite” and that voters should expect “a little more activity” next week in round two.” How is this funny?

...Exactly what is Obama going to say that’s impolite and not already used? So far, the campaign (usually through their surrogates) has personally attacked Mitt Romney’s religion, upbringing, wife, children, business history, political history, affiliations, mannerisms, and habits; they have accused him of committing felonies, belittled his beliefs, and suggested that – I cannot believe that I have to write this – Mitt Romney gave someone cancer. What do they have left?

Yeah, I know: Big Bird.

Which makes me think that the next logical step in the process is for the Obama administration to create a knock-off version of Big Bird (to avoid the trademark infringement). Call him "Charles the Chicken". And Charles does an ad saying:

Mitt Romney hates puppets. He hates my pal Big Bird. He hates television. And he hates children.

We also know he hates women.

What kind of person hates women and children?

And why won't Mitt Romney show us his tax returns from 1991? What is he hiding? Is he a felon?

And how did Mitt Romney get away with killing Joe Soptic's wife?

The American people deserve answers. The American people deserve better than Mitt Romney. The American people deserve a president who loves women and children and presidents who don't have any college transcripts available.

I'm Charles the Chicken and I approve this message.

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Chunkdog1 said...

I can't wait.

Obama will totally overdo it and come out looking like an obnoxious, smug a-hole, which is his real personality.

I actually think Biden will do better in the debates than Obama.