Saturday, October 06, 2012

SPHINCTER-CLENCHING DRAMA: Iran firing drones into Israel

Not, it's not a Tom Clancy novel. It's actually happening. The Middle East is devolving into chaos, the inevitable outcome of a world without America.

Downed drone: Iran testing Israel's capabilities

Unmanned aircraft shot down by F-16 jets in south Israel was apparently launched from Lebanon by Hezbollah, or perhaps even by the Iranians themselves; IDF looking into possibility aircraft was supposed to photograph Dimona reactor

A few hours after two fighter jets shot down a small unmanned aircraft that penetrated Israeli airspace in the south Saturday morning, it is safe to say that an element operating in Lebanon under the auspices of Iran and with its support, apparently Hezbollah, activated the drone. The drone itself, which was downed in the south Mount Hebron area, was apparently made in Iran.

Operating a drone by remote control from such a long distance requires advanced capabilities, which Israel was not aware Hezbollah had acquired...

...The drone was apparently launched by Iran or one of its allies to test the IDF's detection and interception capabilities, and perhaps even to search for specific targets in south Israel. The drone apparently began its flight in Lebanon and then headed in the direction of Gaza's coastline after flying over the Mediterranean Sea. This route was chosen not only because it utilized the depth of the sea's airspace, but also because Israeli UAVs regularly hover above Gaza...

...Hezbollah tried to conceal the fact that it had sent the drone by selecting a long route that passed through the Mediterranean Sea. It wanted the drone to enter Israel near Gaza, perhaps in an attempt to place the blame on Hamas, which is currently considered hostile to elements that are loyal to Iran...

To put it in simple terms for drones, leftists and other miscreants:

• Iran is arming Hezbollah with increasingly sophisticated reconnaissance and weapons-delivery platforms

• Iran is reportedly weeks away from completing its first nuclear weapon

• Iran's proxy terror group -- Hezbollah -- is also operating in Mexico, assisting drug cartels with the construction of car-bombs and other terror tactics

• The administration's "open borders" policy -- and tacit endorsement of illegal immigration -- raises the possibility of terror groups smuggling nuclear weapons into the U.S. through our southern border

With Obama in office, I'm thinking the Mayans were onto something.


chillguy33 said...

This is the outcome of Obama.

Obama's "Arab Spring" is approaching its zenith.

The Elephant's Child said...

134 I just read that we are giving drones to the government of Yemen. What can they possibly be thinking?

What is it that Hillary does? Her most notable accomplishment seems to be the enormous number of air-miles she is racking up. She has expressed 'concern' all over the globe, but are there any accomplishments anywhere?

Anonymous said...

So, this 'world without America' 'descending into chaos', it's a different one that Bush 2 kept stable and safe?

directorblue said...

Eh, pretty sure Bush would have capped Bin Laden when he had him in his sights three times like Clinton did.

And I'm pretty sure Bush would have supported Iran's Green Revolution rather than staying mum.

And I'm pretty sure Bush wouldn't have thrown an ally (Mubarak) under the bus for the Muslim Brotherhood.

And I'm pretty sure Bush wouldn't have sent airpower into Libya without knowing who he was supporting.



Kathy from Kansas said...

4 BIndoinObama and his bunch must be tried for treason. Must, must, MUST. If Romney wins, the temptation (especially among our feckless Republican "leadership," will be to let bygones be bygones. But these commies have violated more laws than I can keep track of, have shredded the Constitution, and even been complicit in crimes against humanity.

By enabling Hezbollah and al-Qaeda, Obama is inviting and encouraging thousands if not millions of deaths in the American homeland. Will it be Beslan-type massacres of our children at their schools? Will it be terrorizing of a whole city and executions of innocent Jewish families, Mumbai-style? Will it be a "dirty bomb" that will leave buildings standing but kill all the residents with radiation?

When it happens, whatever it is, I hold Barack Obama personally responsible for mass murder. And I want to see him executed just like the Nazi war criminals convicted in the Nuremberg trials.

Chris Arsenault said...

Was the drone we lost over Iran last December accidentally lost or was it lost on purpose? Did this capability come from analysis of that US drone?

Is there a pattern developing between Obama's Mid-East policies and events that are occurring that is not accidental at all? One has to wonder about the pattern of events that's beginning to point in one direction.

Anonymous said...

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