Wednesday, October 10, 2012

THE GREAT OBAMAPHONE SCANDAL: Another Fraudulent Program That "Is Completely Out of Control"

I gleaned some interesting news from this Fox News Baltimore report that appears relevant to our ongoing discussion of the debt, personal responsibility, and Joe Biden's mullet:

• Vans are driving around Baltimore offering free "Obamaphones", which you -- the beleaguered taxpayer -- are funding

• The phone program is, in the words of the report, "completely out of control, not just here in Baltimore, but all over the country"

• Baltimore resident Monique Crawford says that she has "30 phones, and all of them are [turned] on"

• She was able to get each one in "five, ten minutes."

• Private, prepaid cellphone companies are giving away phones to people in Baltimore and dozens of other cities... all paid for by you.

• In Baltimore, the number of Obamaphone subscribers has ballooned from 6,000 in 2008 to 231,000 in 2011

Some residents just stand in line for phones, and then sell them to drug dealers

Buried in each of our monthly cellphone bills is line-item called a "universal access fee", which is helping to fund this insanity.

Isn't a giant, bloated, corrupt and unaccountable federal bureaucracy grand?

This administration needs to go.


S. Hague said...

Wouldn't it be a Hoot if you get a free phone every time you Vote for Obama?

Bill T said...

One of the principle suppliers of the refurbished phones is TracFone, the controlling ownership of which is America Movil, the cellular service company based in Mexico, and owned by Carlos Slim. Slim's company makes about $10/phone on each "free" phone given away. For more details, see

Anonymous said...

Makes me really glad I don't have a cell phone. My husband only has one because his company pays for it. No, I'm not afraid of technology, and it would be really handy to have on occasion, but it's just another monthly expense we don't need right now. Now, I know part of why.