Thursday, November 08, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS, DEMOCRATS: More Than 45 Companies Go Galt, Announce Mass Layoffs

Dan from New York:

You voted for it, you got it. And the early results are just trickling in.

Boeing Announces Big Layoffs in Defense Division - Reuters

Vegas Employer: Obama Won, So I Fired 22 Employees - CBS

For me, yesterday’s election didn't change a thing. I'm still at the old stand providing you the latest 411 on the decline of America, the end of Israel and the collapse of Western Civilization. Stay tuned. It’s going to be a sight to see!

Oh, and then there's this:

My guess is many of these management teams were hoping against hope for Republicans to win the Presidency and the Senate -- and that they would begin unwinding the insane complexity represented by Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and other oppressive regulations that are poised to strangle job creation.

But a billion dollars of 90 percent negative advertising convinced the gullible half of the country that Mitt Romney killed someone's wife, that he was a vulture capitalist who outsourced jobs to Timbuktu, and that Paul Ryan rolled Grandma off a cliff.

As the Bible says: As ye sow so shall ye reap.


Reaganite Republican said...

But we conservatives are being FORCED to reap what others chose to sow- isn't that plantation slavery?

When this is all over, I'm asking for reparations...

Anonymous said...

I am moving back to Texas and pushing HARD for secession..... and a border fence ALL THE WAY around the state.

B said...

You know what's REALLY frustrating? Reading the REAL story behind these layoffs and realizing they don't fit into your narrative.

The Westinghouse one, for example, is 50 chemical weapons incinerator workers that finished all of that work back in 2011 and have now finished with all of the work necessary to shut it down. It's the same case with Umatilla Chemical Depot. They finished their government contract. (You should rejoice. That's less government spending.)

Research in Motion makes Blackberry mobile devices and is reacting to being pushed out of the market by iPhones and Droids.

Lightyear is consolidating two offices into one and getting rid of either 15 or 17 redundant personnel (one office doesn't need two office managers, for example).

Providence Journal says they're letting 23 people go because of reduced ad sales.

Hawker Beechcraft is doing so to emerge from bankruptcy that resulted from a leveraged buyout in 2006. (By Romney backers Goldman Sachs, no less.)

I'm not sure about Boeing. Seems legit in this case.

CVPH Medical Center is laying off 17 people. This was "brought on by cuts in reimbursement, fewer admissions and less use of outpatient services, according to the Plattsburgh hospital."

US Cellular has been bought by Sprint and elimination of redundant positions are routine in mergers and acquisitions.

Commerzbank is a German company with a single office in the US and Iberia is a Spanish airline. Husqvarna is Swedish and half of their layoffs are in Sweden, and I can't find any announcement that any of the rest are in the US. Ericsson? Again, all those layoffs are in Sweden. I can't quite get up much concern for foreign companies.

Do I have to go through the rest of them to make it clear that not everything fits the view of the world that we want it to? So far I haven't seen any that can be directly attributed to Obama administration policies except maybe the Boeing cuts.

Oh, actually, there is one that I do know of. Rocketdyne is laying off 100 people because of the cancellation of the Space Shuttle program. Is it worth paying about $450 million per mission just to save jobs for 100 people?

If you have any integrity you'll go to the source and read the stories yourself.

directorblue said...

Yo, B -

You don't get out much, do you?

Many of these company won't release the real reason they waited until after the election to release workers.

Now that we live in a soft tyranny, they fear they'll make the president's very public "Enemies List" and get targeted for attack (remember Sebelius issuing threats to health insurers for listing the REAL reasons for premium increases)?

So it's all just a big coincidence.

Like all the rest of the layoffs and conversions to part-time workers you'll see over the next month and a half.

2421Rich said...

Obviously this is Bush's fault. Obama has been unfairly blamed again by racist Republicans. Everybody knows you can't lead this Country from inside Washington.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that every conservative blog seems to have a commissar assigned to it, to spew the Obama talking points?

Anonymous said...

commissar assigned to it, to spew the Obama talking points...their not commissars, their drones. Mindless hand puppets who never had an original thought go through their heads.

Get ready, the soft tyranny will soon turn into the hard stuff.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

“Man of the People” Obama Won 8 of 10 Wealthiest Counties

Anonymous said...

Wow, reading this crap.. You guys are delusional. Look it up. Your also a bunch of whiney racist little shots. You lost get over it. We lived through that asshole Bush and his illegal crap now you want to change something... What idiots. Read what B said about the real reasons and stop your stupid childish whining. You all make me sick and I am glad you are so unhappy. welcome to what we were feeling.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives being accused of whining???? Bahhhhaaaaa you dumb hippies are unhappy because u have never worked for and earned anything... you can only take take take from the earners then complain its not enough

Anonymous said...

Isn't being brainwashed great?? You get to fit reality into what you want to see it as! republican sheeple. btw, I voted for Gary Johnson.