Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: A Constitutional Republic or a Socialist Democracy?

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A Constitutional Republic or a Socialist Democracy?: Kuznicki
Why state regulation is better than federal regulation: BtB
Liberal Education Creates Dumb People: Hideout

Hey, remember when Democrats loved the filibuster?: Hot Air
How to Make Harry Reid’s Power Grab Work for Conservatives: Foundry
Axelrod Surprised by Romney Campaign's Missed Chances: Beast

Parting Company: Williams
'Shut Up, Grandpa!': AT
Why The ‘Clinton Tax Rates’ Didn’t Create Prosperity: VARight


Where's The Pressure On Dems To Cough Up Spending Cuts?: IBD
Crushing Small Businesses With Taxes: ServedFirstClass
Billionaire Crony Capitalist Wants to Crush Small Competitors: Foundry

Are Republicans Set to Cave on Tax Hikes?: FW
Reflections on Meaning of "Last Minute": Mish
When Work Is Punished: The Tragedy Of America's Welfare State: ZH

Scandal Central

As Benghazi Plot Thickens, Congress Must Not Get Sidetracked: AIM
Lindsey Graham More Disturbed After Meeting With Ambassador Rice Than Before: Nice Deb
Obamacare’s “Silver Lining” Looking Rather Dubious: Mead

Climate & Energy

Obama the Job-Killing Owl-Killer: Malkin
On noes! CO2 dissolving snails in Antarctica: Watts
DOD Wastes Billions on Non Military Projects: JW


Rebuttal of Ezra Klein’s and Dustin Siggins’s blatant lies: CDN
Hurricane Sandy Victim Upset After Being Played By Obama For A Photo-Op: HySci
I don't know art, but I know what I like: GWP

A Primer for Rich Donors Who Got Taken to the Cleaners by Republican Consultants: Erickson
Levin: GOP should buy prime time TV to explain truth about fiscal cliff directly to Americans: Scoop
Reagan: Bush 43 Needs to Stand Up and Tell Americans Where Economic Blame Belongs: GWP

Time: Hey, You Know Who'd Make A Good Person of the Year? Sandra Fluke, That's Who: Ace
Suggestion for Time's Person of the Year: The Vagina: Ace
Who is Grover Norquist?: ATR

Krauthammer: Obama Not Trying to Fix Debt; He’s Trying to Destroy the Republicans: Beacon
Gaza: Media Distortions in Words and Images: JihadWatch
A Letter From a Friend: Coulter


What I Saw During Operation Pillar of Defense: AT
Disaster averted: Mother of four fends off intruder from Gaza: Hayom
A free school under a bridge in India: NBC

Report: Iran Building 50 Kiloton Nuclear Device: Bruce
Florida imam's jihad terror ties exposed by local news station: JihadWatch
'Poison' pen mightier than sword for would-be North Korean assassin: CNN

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Apple is killing us softly: NoJitter
2012 May Be The Year Banner Ads Started To Die: SFGate
Runno takes its Foursquare-style gamified fitness app to Android: NextWeb


Teddy Bears Illustrate Obamacare: MOTUS
Cletus J. Horndog: 'I'll put on a hoodie and jog to your house': Daily Mail
Bond-style weapons carried by North Korean assassin unveiled: Telegraph

Image: Assembly Hall will be a house of horrors for visiting teams
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QOTD: "What Reid is trying to do is wrong, yet the only way for conservatives to fight back is to engage the fight. If Reid is going to push the theory that until the Senate operates under the rules, there are no rules, then he has provided an unprecedented opportunity for conservatives to push some real Senate rules reform ideas. If there are no rules, then Reid can’t stop conservatives from offering a never-ending stream of rules change ideas for the Senate to cast votes on..." --Brian Darling

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