Friday, November 23, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Rep. Trey Gowdy Challenges President Obama to Testify in Place of Susan Rice

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Rep. Trey Gowdy Says Obama Could Testify for Susan Rice: CowboyByte
Americans should be thankful for our national security: AEI
A short story: Obamacare versus healthcare!: PolFi

Why was there war in Gaza?: Krauthammer
Nazis Redux: Atlas
Why is the President of Mexico trying to change his country's name?: Blaze

Wal-Mart vs. the Mob: Malkin
America's Slide from Greatness: NRO
Obama Releases Thanksgiving Message--Forgets to Mention God--Again: GWP


Elections Have Consequences: The Other Saul
Obamacare Already Costing Jobs, Part XVMCMXVII: Riehl
Soros Buying Gold as Record Prices Seen on Stimulus: Bloomberg

New Book Highlights Dangers of Government Employee Unions: NLPC
Union Thuggery Emboldened by Obama's Re-Election: AmPower
Sandy-Ravaged NJ Families Face $7K Tax Hike in Fiscal Cliff: CNS

Scandal Central

The Regime Is Punishing Fox News Again: Nice Deb
Petraeus schools the White House: Curl
To appeal to black voters, GOP must run gauntlet of racism accusations: Goldberg

Climate & Energy

Spotted Owl Granted 9.6 Million Acres of ‘Critical Habitat’ Land: Blaze
Al Gore’s new science low – burning dolls: Watts
True Source of Global Warming Identified: IMAO


Liberal Hack: Red Dawn Remake for Paranoid Tea Partiers: Victory Girls
@Karoli: Weiner Truther? And Other Questions of Remaining Interest: RSM
Obama’s Buzzfeed Sycophant Ben Smith Earns Entry at the Urban Dictionary: Glob


Vatican official calls Israel 'baby killers': Matzav
Egypt President Morsi grants himself far-reaching powers: Fox
Clinton warns Netanyahu not to punish Palestinian Authority for UN bid: Haaretz

Gazans celebrate after Hamas declares ‘victory’: JPost
Jewish pupils attacked outside school in Paris suburb: Times of Israel
122 terror attacks that you never heard of in the last week: Matzav

IDF on high alert ahead of possible Palestinian ‘Day of Rage’: Times of Israel
Hamas's Victory: How Muslims See It: Gatestone
Venezuela: Dozens attack synagogue over Gaza conflict: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Microsoft's Surface bait-and-switch won't make people buy Windows 8: Matt Asay
City of Cupertino posts updated plans for Apple’s new “spaceship” campus: VenBeat
Amazing 4-D Ultrasound Captures Baby Yawning in the Womb: LifeNews


What Did I Find in Paula Broadwell's Bedroom?: NukingPolitics
Clothes dealer arrested in deaths of 3 NYC shopkeepers: Fox
“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”: Greenroom

Image: Hamas celebrates its 24th anniversary, Dec. 2011
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Dinah Lord

QOTD: "The currently suspended missile duel between Israel and Hamas exposes yet again the surreal absurdity of the way the international community handles this conflict between a democratic state and a terrorist gang. Yesterday’s cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas is another example of the folly of treating a bunch of murderers like a legitimate government.

Consider, for example, the way a terrorist outfit like Hamas, self-defined in its charter by its genocidal goals, is treated as if it were a legitimate state. But Hamas is not a government that rules over a sovereign territory defined by international borders. If you want a recent graphic illustration of Hamas’ true nature, peruse this video of the aftermath of the summary execution of 6 accused “collaborators.” Or consider Hamas’ official television coverage of this week’s terrorist bombing of a bus in Israel. Or contemplate the barbarity of using its own “citizens” as human shields for its munitions dumps and rocket launchers. Calling Hamas honcho Ismail Haniyeh a “Prime Minister,” as virtually every world government and news organization does, doesn’t mean he is actually a prime minister, no matter how many elections are held. These titles and voting procedures do not constitute a legitimate government that should be recognized as such by the world community as though it respects international laws and treaties like the Geneva Conventions. Let alone should this façade of political legitimacy rationalize the millions of dollars Western governments give to Hamas under the guise of U.N. aid for social services, freeing up funds for purchasing weapons and munitions." --Bruce Thornton

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