Saturday, November 24, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Living Hell of Socialism -- in Pictures

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The Living Hell of Socialism -- in Pictures: Reaganite
Communist Party USA Leader Lauds Obama Victory: Loudon
ObamaMath: $500B in tax hikes for $50B in spending cuts: ProWis

Consultants Advise: Bring Sporks to New Gunfight with the Left: Marcus
Obama Thanksgiving speech: unite behind WH, God not mentioned: DC
A Lesson in Irony – Take the Food Stamp program: Sentinel


Obamacare will make us a part time nation: Moran
Latest U-Haul Index Shows Californians Leaving for Texas: NewAm
Gold Surges 1%, Eyes $1,750: FoxBiz

Sorry Unions: Wal-Mart Reports Record Black Friday Sales: Powers
Failure Of Walmart Walkout Underscores Union Decline: IBD
Food stamp recipients outnumber 24 states combined: Breitbart

But What of Debt?: DTG
Liberals: Time To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: CDN
The Cost of Dropping Out: WSJ

Scandal Central

Surprise! NY Times Pushes Obama On Gun Control: RWN
Barack Obama ‘thinking’ of backing off of no-corporate-money for Inauguration.: RS
Dean Chambers of Creates ‘Obama Voter Fraud’ Map: Blaze

Climate & Energy

Brokeifornia’s First Cap And Trade Auction Complete Failure: Cove
Legalize Crude Oil Exports: Foundry
Climate Ugliness Goes Nuclear: Watts


Arab Winter: AP Minimizes Visibility of Morsi's Dictatorial Power Grab in Egypt: NB
Al Sharpton: Republicans cutting govt jobs the reason Black and Latino unemployment so high: Scoop
No, Mr. Obama: I don't have a responsibility to take care of the less fortunate: AWD

Idiocy of the Left on Full Display, Reuters Edition: SDA
‘The Hiring Hypocrisy at the New York Times’: Driscoll
Obama Hits The Links For The 106th Time In Less Than 4 Years: WZ

ACLJ: Stop Sending U.S. Taxpayer Dollars to Egypt & Libya: RWN
The Decline and Fall of the Boardwalk Empire: Driscoll
Photos: TV icon Larry Hagman through the years: AP


Egypt: Say hello to Your little Dictator: DTG
Belgium on its way to becoming an Islamic state: Breitbart
Violent protests erupt in Egypt after president grants himself new powers: Haaretz

Surprise! Obama’s Pal Morsi Appoints Himself Dictator of Egypt: JWF
Violence breaks out across Egypt as protesters decry Mohammed Morsi’s constitutional ‘coup’: RedAlert
Florida: Muslims bringing weapons and ammunition to mosque: Creeping

Ahmadinejad calls to congratulate Hamas leader on ‘victory’: Times of Israel
Iran accuses US Navy of 'illegal' acts in Gulf: AP
Arafat to be exhumed next week in poison probe: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Caffeine is a psychoactive drug -- despite how energy drinks are marketed: NYDN
The Top Five Diets That Won't Help You Lose Weight: MedicalDaily
100,000 Star Experiment: Google Chrome Experiments


Rule 5 News Special Report: The Mammary Murder Plot: Camp o' the Saints (Rated R)
Caution: Bird Brains May Find The Story of Thanksgiving Offensive: MOTUS
Japan's ninjas heading for extinction: BBC

Image: This Godless Communism
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

QOTD: "How many Europeans understand how large host-country banking systems are in relation to government tax revenues? How many Japanese have questioned how (if ever), a quadrillion yen of debt will ever be repaid when it represents over 20X central government revenues? (Answer: it can't be). Very few participants are aware of the enormity and severity of the problems the developed world faces. ... The only path left is a full restructuring (default) of most sovereign debts of developed nations...

...How many of your extended family would you assume all past and future debts with jointly and severally? ... As much as I love my extended family, I would never agree to be jointly and severally liable with any of them...

...Sadly, looking back through economic history, all too often war is the manifestation of simple economic entropy played to its logical conclusion. We believe that war is an inevitable consequence of the current global economic situation..." --Kyle Bass

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